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At the end, DH girl talked Raze into not burning down her hometown, not out of respect for the townspeople that wanted her dead, but rather practicality reasons. And because she didn't want her parents to suffer either. And am romancing Raze for this character. Next character I make will either romance Brash or Sinallion. I pretty much went it "alone" (except for the demonspawn of course.) but found it more challenging that way. Maybe that's not entirely smart or wise, whatever, but she does only have an 8 wisdom stat. No Arana either.

Blacknsilver2.00This mod was just 1 disappointment after another.

I came here to play an interactive medium. Instead what I got was:
30seconds do not go by without another goddamned cutscene.
The male protagonist, despite being stronger and having saved the life of the female protagonist, gets treated like dirt.
Logically, you would expect him to show her the finger and move on? NOPE, choices you say? This mod is not about choices.
Also, this mod *reeked* of JRPG's and anime which I both despise.

Music was alright though so that's why I'm giving it a 2.
Forsta9.75Nice module. Most of my thoughts I already summarized in a comment for the second part.

I have to admit that I liked the second part better than the first, probably because the story and the custom systems are not evolved as far.

And a minor glitch, if you're interested: In the last cutscene Aramus still stands there during the talk between prince and convict. When the prince leaves the room and Aramus follows, he gets killed by the guards (while the cutscene continues). After all rebirth tonics are used, the normal death screen shows up. A workaround was saving / loading during the cutscene. All the texts were shown two times, with some delay in between, but Aramus disappeared and wasn't killed by the guards.

Nevertheless, I really enjoyed it, and thank you for sharing the module. 9.75/10.
Ko Bo10.00For anyone having the missing haks/talk table issue; download CEP 1.53 (I had to download CEP 1.52 full and then the CEP 1.53 patch), as CEP 2.0 and above is not compatible with the earlier versions of CEP, and thus won't work here.

As for the module, I just finished playing through both chapter 1 and 2, and I thoroughly loved it. The story, the characters, the mood, the mechanics, the CUTSCENES - they all joined together to form an extremely polished and memorable adventure. Thank you for this masterpiece!
dkstrick9.50I do agree with yeahchris on what he said and his critiques of certain aspects. However, I was able to "crack" the game (for lack of a better word)so I could use a character of my own making. I know thats defeating the purpose, but I did have more fun that way.

All in all, this is an outstanding module, and as an author, I did learn a lot from Rose of Eternity. Thanks, Challseus.
yeahchris7.50Seemed promising but proved vastly overrated. Cinematics and scripting are top notch, but in the end I lost interest due to main character's broken build.

I'm given an ability which is designed to draw threat away from my healer ally, making them target me instead. Seems like a smart ability for a fighter/guard character, right?

The problem? I'm not given any goddamn armor. You cannot buy armor. I'm using the prebuilt protagonist who has a DEX of 13. My AC is LOWER than that of the healer. By A LOT. She also has more HP, inexplicably. Why would you want to draw threat? She's the more suitable tank.

Another example: you are given a "unity" ability which requires your main character to use whirlwind attack at the same time he's healed. This transfers the healing to all allies in the area. Again, seems neat. The problem? The prebuilt main character does not have an intelligence score which will allow him to build towards whirlwind attack.

I'm honestly kind of baffled right now that someone would put such obvious effort into the storytelling, cinematics, scripting, etc, and then hand me this broken main character to play through it with.

I'd like to go through the rest of the story, but this is so positively maddening that I never will. I don't feel like tool setting myself some replacement, functioning armor to wear and starting over.

In summary, good story, and a lot of obvious effort was put into certain aspects of this module, but it's not enough to save it from its own glaringly obvious, crippling flaws. Average marks.
Areth10.00The best NWN module I have ever played. Why that horrible VVV thing is rated above this is beyond me. But this is the single best NWN module ever. I'm addicted to every aspect of this game. The Cutscenes especially where just amazing.

My only gripe is Aramus build. His armor/build do not work. You have this character wearing cloth, and even with +3 AC on it, that's still less then what half the enemies are wearing for armor. I spent most of the module running around in an ugly red and gold leather surcoat because it simply provided better protection and benefits then the Green Cloak. This also made combat infuriatingly hard.

Otherwise. My favorite module. Even in 2011 this module still beats out most games you pay for. I can't wait till you release the dragon age one. Looking forward to it!
Knight_ofLimbo9.00Fantastic atmosphere, great presentation, some of the best looking/most realistic environments I've seen so far.

Characters needs work. several characters are repulsive and one dimensional. Be careful how you use cliched archetypes. (rational human beings don't fling themselves to certain death for the sake of some random strangers)

Story hook needs work. (Why am I following a repulsive female around when I only bothered to save her out of pity/misguided heroism? If it was for my identity, why am I trusting some random girl to know who I am?

Dialog needs work.: your NPCs talk like NPCs (rather than say.. real human beings).

Combat: minor gripe, if you are going to thrust someone a preset character, don't force them into combat so early in the game. Dying multiple times with a character you did not create causes resentment to the character. Also, avoid MMO style quests(go kill me 10 rats!)

Good start, looking forward to the next one.
Goglutin10.00There is no word to describe the quality level of this module. It's clearly better than the official ones. Indeed I played over 30 modules and gave only two 10... and this one should be an 11...

At first I was a bit frustrated by the difficulty but as you pass the second level everything goes fine. So - players - Do a bit of Level-UP in the easy zones (monsters respawn over time) and you'll be fine after. Don't expect anything like you've played in NW before... this module have a Final Fantasy taste.

I'm so eager to play the second part that I'm going to do it right NOW !!!
Fun : 10
Music : 9 (Final fantasy VII musics brought back souvenirs...)
Difficulty : 10 (hard but possible)
Story : 10 .. ( or even 11 )

PS: I couldn't find the orb of detection yet...
MrGhosh9.75Peaceful town. It Feels like playing Final Fantasy. Expect a few Animal Rights violation this is a peaceful game. Good Effect when getting something. Seems to increase value of small upgrades. Looked fat in legacy armour . Kinda good Combat. Beautiful Environment. Liked running through tall grass.

This game is truly ground breaking. First I left some quest like teleporting back to southern Sakira forest and killing a strong wolf, giving basket of berries, etc. Will the conditions remain same when I start the second chapter like when I kill THE strong wolf that gives 4 wolf iron. If I kill the wolf in 1st chapter then will it re spawn in the 2nd chapter? or will the wolf remain dead?

Anyway I was thinking about giving this game full marks. But this was too short . The module ended just as I was getting comfortable with the gameplay story etc, Hardly 10 playable area. Still a Good Mod.

I still need the second hak for chapter 2.
yourself19610.00Nice module... played it a while back but didn't rate so I'm doing that now...

Oh yeah I sent you an email about this: I noticed you were considering uploading the files to another site to help people having problems downloading it from the vault, I have a decent connection and spare time so I could do it for you.
Scroogius9.50Really a great work, if I have to find a little bug, it is about the town of Aribine where starts a 'war' between citizen and the Footmans. When I went back to town with Challseus, I found a dozen of footman died because of cadet's arrow :P

Still I appreciated the interesting plot and setting!
Kraven_Khor9.25Liked it very much although too short and some trouble with cutscenes where the camera hangs or shakes during the scene, also a cutscenes a bit too long but i had a lot of fun so thank you! 05-20-2009
Silvius9.25This was an incredible module, a little frustrating at times, however.

There are a couple of things that are of particular annoyance.

First, if you enter South Shikara woods, and find the ambushed convoy, then this automatically makes the guards attack. If you like to complete every quest in an area, (I had, get wolves' fur for the lady that makes you items, kill wargs from Auden, and get wolves iron), then you are screwed. When you come out of the woods, all quests in that area are pretty much not able to be completed, as every time you enter/exit a building in Aribine the time resets to 7pm, and so all the villagers are indoors. Extremely annoying after spending all that time doing the quests in the first place. Also, Auden's quest is not completeable either, as he simply tells me to leave.
Pailith Studios10.00Hey, I just finished chapters 1 and 2 and loved them. Awesome module series, great story, great character development. My only complaint would be that the story moves a bit slow at times, but in general, this is definitely one of the best modules I've played. Great job!04-17-2009
I just finished The Rose Of Eternity 1&2 and I'm speechless. Out of breath.
What an incredible module! The most magical and poetical of all the many, many, I already enjoyed playing.
Talking about immersion, I'm probably still drowning, somewhere around that Dantiras cost. For ever.
Anything about it is most amazing, story, characters, fights, music, art, not to mention absolutely stunning customed special abilities and upgrades.
I was too new to NWN when I first tried it, 2 years ago, but now was the perfect time to easily enjoy it, without being bothered at all by that upmost impressive technique... as light as the Keeper Of The Rose's song all along.
If you have only a little time, or even more, for NWN, you should play The Rose Of Eternity. And part 2 is even more beautiful, and as long as you'd wish it to be.
Fantastic job, Challseus. Thanks for the dream.
I have been looking for such a magical story for a long time in NWN.
LeslieMS9.75Wow! Where to start! I just loved the heck out of this!

The custom content really added to the ambience of the whole game. I loved the music too (got a track listing credit? I recognized Enya in there... ;-) ) There were just so many tiny attentions to detail that made it so convincing. Areas were well laid out, with plenty of things to keep you busy, and plenty of eye candy.
The most endearing part of it was of course, the characters, which seemed to take on a life of thier own.
Did I mention that I loved the custom content? The custom abilities and the interactions, the custom items that really put you into the world of the module, a breath of fresh air for sure! It was barely like playing a NWN Module. I certainly look forward to the second one =)

I had one tiny complaint:
I have three kids, the oldest is 4... needless to say, I get interrupted a lot when playing. I couldn't pause the cutscenes. It never fails, I get 3/4 of the way through it and have to stop. Then of course I had to load to get the dialogue I missed. I would love to have the dialogue either show up in the chat box, be pausable, or have a regular point and click dialogue. Howvever it would be much prefered if the dialogues were transcribed into the chat box, so that the lovely scripting for cutscences didn't go unappreciated.

Other than that... it was a thrill to play.
I noticed that there were no recent updates on your website?

Keep up the good work. I eagerly look forward to future mods from you! Please tell me there will be more?

Anyway... I am off to play the second chapter of this wonderful story! Into the Fray!
Sygmus10.00I just started this a week ago, on the second one now :D amazing work04-16-2008
d'archon9.00I really liked this module and (especially) its sequel, although I'd recommend this one mostly as a prelude to Chapter 2 since the story is a bit slow to start and only really picks up towards the end of Chapter 2 (where it leaves us yearning for conclusion ;-). But it's definitely worth to play through! Besides, my favorite combat features won't appear before Chapter 2.

I held out this post until I had finished Chapter 2, and you can find my few gripes in the comments I made in the Chapter 2 discussion, they apply to Chapter 1 as well. Notably the lowish AC problem of Aramus's is more serious in Chapter 1 before you get a few levels under your belt and pick up more
combat-oriented companions. I remember luring off many worgs one by one fully buffed just to get strong enough to take on the pack leaders and get my hands on some iron of theirs. But it's no big deal, we are used to that ;-)

All in all, this module is outstanding work throughout!
Abhorsen32710.00Amazing module! one of my all-time favorites!03-07-2008
Elfshire5.00I don't see what's so great about this one, sorry. I enjoy the storyline so far, and the custom music is *phenomenal.*

However, unless I'm missing something obvious, the gameplay is highly flawed. You start out with a first-level fighter with no opportunity to buy armor. AC is an integral part of the gameplay in DnD. Without a decent AC, you *will* get destroyed in melee, and that's precisely what happens; over and over and over again. What's the point of having a magic greatsword that can stun enemies for a round if your armor class is only 11? I played up to Challseus' house barely hanging on to life, getting brutally murdered by things that a low-level fighter wouldn't sneeze at in any other module. The manual tells me I need to protect Clopon, but that should really be the other way around. After finding her a decent shield, she has an AC of 17 or more, and more hit points, too. Not only that, but when she dies, she comes back two minutes later, so there's really no reason to try and shield her - it's suicide.

And why did you make me look in your walkthrough to find the key for the bridge door? The sign said not to go east into the boundary. Clopon said not to go east into the boundary. Aramus himself voices his concern on the matter just before you go in, and judging by the pattern so far in the game (straying off the path -> violent death), I took the advice. So I wandered for an hour or so, trying to find a key that ended up being in the one place I was sure that it wasn't.

Well, now here I am in Challseus' house. An overwhelming force from the Ministry of Justice has come to do me in. The only way to handle ANY of the foes in this game (since Aramus is so abysmally WEAK), is to rely on the gimmicks you're given. Fleetness tonic? Check. Illumination? Check. Summoned Aqua Constituent? Check.

Still died. Multiple times.

Last Resorts: why bother? The enemies get them before you do, and theirs are far better. I'd kill to have +20 to my AC, but NO, I get Galladoran Illumination. If I'm at death's door, I can do 15 damage and stun a few enemies, then get taken down by the one with the crossbow that was out of reach. And why do I get taken down? Because I'm at low hitpoints, and my AC is now a whopping 13. I've seen sorcerers with better defenses than Aramus!

And now I'm all kinds of fed up, because I'm this far in the game, I realize there are a ton of quests I didn't do, and I didn't take the Whirlwind Attack feat, nor its prerequisites. Nuts to this. I think I'd rather get beat to a bloody pulp in REAL LIFE.
Elessra9.50Loved the module, thank you....and great that any minor complaints I might have had have all been changed for the even better Chapter 2! 01-19-2008
Viriatus10.00Astonished! Never hoped to find such mod as this in the vault, and late I did!

Apart from from some odd lost typos and a little problem with the cutscene of Lenina (somewhat it stuck and the blackout delayed to dissapear at the middle of the scene), and some deep-role detail (should Aramus clean of guards the village, or simply flee -for now-? There will be retaliations towards the townsfolk if he return to kill the guards?), the overall is, simply, perfect.

Althoug not a long mod (adding both characters' stories) in comparision with some others with more lenght, sidequests and such, I have not seen ever more care and dedication in the making of a mod to this result. Perhaps only somebody who has worked with the toolset can understand completely the huge work needed to pruduce such a work of art, and make it work as it does.

Of course, the music is vital for a good mod (thoug the 90% or more of the modmakers seem not to understand it), and its use here is unbeatable. All: the music, the landscapes (I do not want to call them 'areas') and the story, all match to the perfection.

Thank you, very much, for this wonderful mod :'D
Azersk10.00I have played a couple of NWN modules but I could never get into them... until ROE. The music and attention to detail is immediately noticeable. If you have not played a mod yet you should play this. It is that good.12-12-2007
redaxe9010.00The only thing that annoyed me about the cutscenes was when the camera angle blocked my view with some pesky objects when it was going around in circles. As for gameplay, more of the same please.12-02-2007
Copperhawk9.00This game is beautiful and I enjoyed it. If the combat is more varied & not so repetitive, I would give it a 10.

Now I try to download Chapter 2 but the hak files are gone? Anyone knows where I can download them?
nadamora8.75after sorting out various issues that made this a pain to play (though it still crashes whenever i try to open the chest in the larger of the three trials (challseus quest) so i hope there's nothing important in it) i have to say this is quite brilliantly spun together. same gripes as previous about the dialogues being slightly jumbled and passing too rapidly, all against an unfairly colour-matched backdrop. plus, muck is just about my least favourite foe (which is supposed to be the point, i guess, but i think you know what i mean) because muck in every trial was just a bit much

don't know why it took me so long (and a quick scan of the walkthrough) to see that there was actually a door at the front of the shack that could be entered (and hence the orb or detection retrieved). i lost a lot of hair . my bad

just got the hak packs for part two. the instructions for the hak pack for chapters 1 & 2 seemed to suggest this was all you needed to do both parts, though all but one hak file in the chapter 2 pack was not inside. this could maybe be a little clearer on the download page, though in having to come back here to get it i had the perfect opportunity to write this . for what it's worth
Ipsissimus10.00I haven't played NWN in about 2 years and thought I'd waste some time on a user module. I've looked at some of the new top ranked ones, and I've got to say that yours is THE be user module I've Ever played. I honestly found the experience and fun on the same level as the official campaigns. Thank you for creating a great gaming experience and story!11-08-2007
cancha9.75Just finished the module playing Aramus as a paladin (wich seemed to fit in the story perfectly). The notion of playing an amnesic character was fun. As you progress through the module, you discover your character and you just want to keep going to discover more.

GREAT use of music for ambiance (essential for a good module). I loved the multiple use of intro movies and cutscenes wich gave a realistic feel to the module. Great visuals.

Storytelling by the narrator was also a nice change from regular modules. There were not too many sidequests and they remained simple so you dont loose track of the main storyline.

Intersting custom combat system with last resorts. Very weel balanced encounters represented a good challenge and multiple options allowed you to deal in other ways than haking everyone away.

Interesting option to play the module from another standpoint with the Challseus character (wich i have yet to do).

Bug free module. It would have been nice to have an automatic transition to chapter 2 at the end though. Some minor (2 or 3) spelling/phrase construction errors.

Thanks for the great module and looking forward to play chapter 2.
DS Divine10.00Absolutely stunning experience!

Been a really slow gamer and even slower to vote, I can finally give you a perfect 10.00 for this module. This is definetely another favorite of mine.
I already have chapter 2 installed, but have yet to play it.
Hollow-Shinigami10.00This is probably one of the most absolutely wonderful mods on NWVault. However.. It's refusing to run for me now. :[ I really want to play it again.. But it won't detect the haks. I have them in the right folder.. And it keeps saying haks are missing... >< I really need to play RoE again.. Because I missed one of the character's storylines!07-20-2007
Tamer110.00I loved this module great storyline, one of a kind.
Waiting for chapter 3!
Caradog6.50I have mixed feelings about this mod, mainly due to coming at it as an old PnP roleplayer rather than a console gamer.

The module has some really good points: the settings are never less than good and some are great, the music is very atmospheric - I recognised themes from Last of The Mohicans, Gladiator and Schindler's List afaik which were used well and certainly added to the feel of the module. The "cinematography" of the cut scenes was innovative and superbly done, character and item effects were great. Special effects accessed through Aramus' sword, Unison abilities and last resorts are again innovative and well implemented.

What I didn't like: very linear - it plays like a console game with a very restricted path to what you can and can't do; there's a lot of exposition in the cutscenes and maybe not enough delivered through conversations with NPCs. The cutscenes are inescapable, even if you've been through them before and don't NEED to see them again. The NPCs are too one-dimensional - you never really find out anything about them, other than Clopon is an arrogant, irritating b*t*h. A few minor bugs, such as Mathewin's grizzly bear attacking him after he sparred with Aramus, resulting in Mathewin dying and a reload being needed, this happened twice running.

Overall I gave it a low-ish score because of these negatives. It's subjective of course - I prefer more roleplaying-orientated modules and this, for all that it's visually and aurally gorgeous, isn't really a RP mod, being more like a film with some PC interaction. It's clear that a hell of a lot of work went into it, which I do appreciate, and I will be playing Part II to see how its turned out.

The sheer quality of the work and thought that went into this will keep me watching for any other stuff you put out, it's nice to see ANY mod with so much effort expended in its creation. Good luck with your future work.
AuronLives10.00Wow. I wouldn't have thought that such effort would be put into a module made freely available.

I love the custom music, in part because I recognized many of the tracks. I've seen some of the movies, and especially loved Gladiator. I played all the games except Lunar 2 (though I hope I'll find it in PSX form someday...). I kept trying to figure out where all the music came from. I found out some of them from this comment board, but not the one for the Dungeon of Trials. I think it's from a Final Fantasy, maybe VII, in one of the creepy forests or ruins (Cetra Ruins, Ancient Temple, the place with the altar, the Meteor crater?).

In any case, the music fits very well with each area.

I don't mind the pre-made characters at all. Like you, I came from console RPGs to NWN and D&D. I like a good story with good character development. I think you did great with the story. I hope you can continue it.

The two separate story lines reminded me of a particular Playstation RPG: Star Ocean: Second Story. If anyone's played that, you'll remember that you could play as either Claude or Rena. You could do different things and get different characters in your party depending on who you chose at the start.

The gameplay was good, and the effects for the special attacks, Unison abilities, and Last Resorts were really nice.

The cutscenes were nice although they were inescapable. There's always the grammar, spelling and awkward sentence problems, but I can forgive that when you're not paying for proofreaders.

Now it's off to chapter 2! Great job, Challseus!
Nithrakis10.00Wow! This is a spectacular module. Your choice of music was excellent, adding to the mood and atmosphere eveywhere it was used. You really provide a great example here of how important music is to story telling.

I'm a big fan of your usage of cutscenes as well. They really pulled me into the story and made me eager to play through the next part.

My favorite games and modules are always heavily character driven and this is something you have really excelled at with this module. I really wish there were more modules like this available and its hard not to be inspired to make something after playing through such an exceptional module.

Keep up the good work!
weremensh9.50The cutscenes got to be a bit overlong and annoying, especially when the text got lost in the light effects; but otherwise this is a very interesting module.05-12-2007
Elegy9.75Right, I finished. Not perfect, but damn close. Three main gripes: 1) a few typos and spelling/grammar errors, 2) in Challseus's scenario the difficulty is a bit insane considering you have no frontliner, and 3) it immediately left me wanting more. I'm playing Cry the Beloved now :) I think a lot of people will be very disappointed if you don't finish Aramus' story; for what it's worth, I hope Chapter 3 of that is built on NWN, as I don't have an NWN2-capable computer and won't for a while. Keep going, this is wonderful :)04-26-2007
skowl10.00Wow. Just wow. I've only played a handful of non-Bioware modules at this point, but I simply can't imagine a modeule more lovingly created than this one. I'm on to play Chapter 2!04-22-2007
Haflinger9.50Very good module; only flaws were the usual spelling/grammar whines, plus a tendency to not update journals. Sometimes, if a player misses things people say in cutscenes (like, for example, when the phone or doorbell rings :), it gets hard to figure out where to go.

Great writing, although completely not my style (I'm a non-linear guy at heart, and this module is as linear as it gets).
Rainbowwash10.00Oh ok, thanks. I didn't realise you could go back in chapter two as i havent actually played yet. Have the files though so it should be fun!03-07-2007
guises9.50[quote]@ guises

This may be due to an issue with your graphics card. Check out the FAQ at the "Rose of Eternity" website for the details on how to get past this.

Let me know if this helps:)[/quote]
That was the problem, just needed to turn off the shiny water like the FAQ says.

Really great module overall. Lacked just a bit of polish, but chaper two made that up in spades. Can't wait for chapter three.
cmrenberg9.75Module was well done but tooooo short. Cut scenes were great - added a great deal to the story. Rather than just a hack 'n slash it became a tale to get involved in. Looking forward to Chap. 2.02-28-2007
1stIcefalcon9.00Hours of work and some unique ideas make this stand out on it's own. Would easily be a perfect score except for one glitch (I was sadly able to kill an important NPC I was supposed to be sparring with with a lucky hit). One word of warning though the intro for this module is very very long and cannot be skipped, making a restart very hard work.02-27-2007
Razide05069.75This is simply one of the most amazing modules I've ever played, and perhaps the best example of what you can create when you push the engine to its limits. It's unlike any other module I've ever played, not just for the unique content, but for the whole tone of the game. That said, it isn't perfect; although the dialogue in this module was better than in a lot of other modules, it still needs some work (I cringed when Challseus refered to the other characters as "you guys.") Also, while I was initially wowed by the opening cutscenes, they go on way too long - I found myself wanting to play the game, not watch it. Also, not being able to escape out of them is a major drawback. Still, it only lowered the score a little, because everything else was so good. This is one of the most immersive modules I've ever played, ranking right up there with the Aieland Saga and the Saleron's Gambit series. Eventually I'll play it again with the Challseus character, but for now, I'm on to chapter 2.02-24-2007
Rakthor10.00Wow. I am VERY impressed with the quality and professionalism of this module. I must say, it is unquestionably the best designed module that I have ever played. The music especially caught my attention. I definitely recognized the battle music from Final Fantasy. Not sure which one. Might be VIII. I also noticed some distinct Sword of Truth references. Good luck on the continuation of this series. I'm backing you all the way.02-19-2007
Scanet569.75Well what caught my attention right off was the music you selected. I recongnized most of the tracks you used and liked them all. The story was also very well done, and the cutscenes were top notch. Gonna start the next chapter soon and I don't believe it will dissapoint me either.

Great Job :)
Emiru Onoe9.75This is just amazing Challseus! Great work, fantastic! Now you inspired me to create a module myself.
Take care!

~Emiru :)
WJMacKenzie9.50NWN meets Chronotrigger... While not totally to my liking, it is a well done module.

My only major gripe is the initial cutscene. I recognize it's essential to the story, and I do not object to it's length, only the fact that there is no abort option.

The only way to exit is by forcibly ending NWN through the task manager. I cannot stress how aggravating it is to have to use that method. It *is* expected a player will sit down for more than just a few moments to play, it is very bad form to rob a player of control of the program for such an extended period.

But again, well done module. The story is good, the Anime/Chronotrigger feel added into the game was very interresting (I love the whirlwind heal).
Kenzeitak10.00Wonderful, perfect, great! Wrote a big comment on Chapter 2 =)02-07-2007
These 2 modules are the best I have played, the graphics were awesome and the story was done really really well. Is there going to be a 3?
xstitcher519.75I loved this module, very original. I am now playing Chapter 2 and it is also wonderful. I find it hard to believe that modules this good are free. Thanks for some great gaming.02-01-2007
Brian00310.00Not as good as the second module, but well done. Very good customize gameplay.01-28-2007
Steve_Savicki9.00REVOTE (apologies :o )

After playing part 2, I just couldn't see part 1 being scored higher considering the advancements in module making in part 2.

Besides, there was that*bleep* scene in which Leonard still needs to change that content rating to "mature" or make it a less vulgar scene (like a robbery or kidnapping.)
Hesor10.00good story
some sort of a new play-feeling
good interacting with group members
cutscenes were great done
This module was made with much love, you can see and hear it :-)
Shadow-Servant9.50Like most, I agree that the module itself is insanely beautifully done but difficult as well. I loved the music and custom scripting like in no module before. I give you a very good rating but lower it a smidge for dying a lot. ^^;01-23-2007
saphirefenix10.00Absolutely beautiful module!!!!01-22-2007
reservoir_dog10.00I'm just impressed ... respect01-17-2007
Jidokwon10.00Normally, I don't enjoy modules where you're locked into a key character. This adventure was definitely an exception. I'm posting this vote after completing both stories, so far. With as much work that was put into them, both deserved nothing short of tens. Thank you.01-17-2007
ben_hutchison9.00This module has a fantastic story and setting but it flawed by its difficulty level.

The big flaw, IMO: Aramus campaign seems to require that you do all side quests to have a chance against Wargs and at Challseus house. But without any warning, if you exit south forest early, you are prevented from re-entering and forced to continue, even though you are then doomed to fail later on.

Theres also very few strategic options in these choke-point battles - little you can do to affect their outcome. Fail-Repeat-Fail gameplay is not fun.
Sliders10.00Great story, music, atmosphere. Everything just blends together wonderfully.01-09-2007
Kshatriya10.00An interesting pastiche of elements rarely if ever seen in NWN. 01-06-2007
alcachino3310.00Yes! I had my doubts at first when I first opened up the module, since the new battle system looked intimidating. I thought there was a steep learning curve after looking through the guidebook in my inventory. But I was wrong!

It's well worth it and unlike any other modules I have ever played before. This must have taken extreme amounts of work and love and tender care. I have to admire you.

The music is what sealed the deal for me. Excellent music choice. I'd like to know where you get the songs from, as I'm rather interested in checking out the soundtracks or artists they came from. I always watch the ending credits to the very end because the music is so beautiful.

Beautiful imagery, beautiful sound, beautiful story. Only thing I could find was maybe some grammar, but I don't care anymore because this has become one of my favorite mods. Keep up the good work!
edsan1.00MY GOD! This module SUCKS!

Goblins with dozens of HP?

Asps with 50+ HP?

15 min of "movie" everytime you meet someone?

Who the hell designed this? What a waste of time!

Oh, and all the "custom" music is ripped off FF and Chrono Trigger...classy.
drfrob9.75Great story, great gameplay, with very cool special items and abilities. The only reason I don't give it a 10.00 is that there are a few misspellings in places.12-13-2006
Vasha9.75This is by far one of the best Mods I've ever played! Thanks so much for creating it.

I have one question however ... I'm having a little trouble using the special abilities. Specifically the whirlwind attack/heal (I have the bracers). I'm practicing with Mathewin and when he brings my level down ... Clopon just stands there and doesn't heal. How do I turn on my Whirlwind attack? (Pressing the sword, it states that illumination is already on). What do I press to use my last resort?

Any help would be great as I would love to use these abilities when I start Chapter 2.

Dawnseeker10.00Magnificent! ROE1 will go down as one of the most enjoyable player-designed classics for NWN! As far as modules go, this one is a work of art. The author has pushed the Aurora engine to the limits and created one of the most innovative adventures ever designed for Neverwinter Nights. My gratitude to Challseus for sharing it with the community! Huzzah!12-06-2006
Icicle10.00Absolutely brilliant. A story lovingly realized.12-03-2006
E.C.Patterson9.00Great, and part two is noticeably better and more polished.11-24-2006
Crawler-200110.0010 for this great module!
Downloading the sequel while writing this.
Thanks for your work.
Ceki.cebob10.00Thanks a lot Challseus for this great work and for your support ;-)

Syrinxreeds9.75This is the type of mod that kept me up at night and then invaded my dreams--that's a good thing. ;)

The score would be 10 if the cut-scenes had worked more smoothly for me. Others have written about that, so I won't. It's wonderful and fun art. Thank you for sharing it! Now, off for the sequel. :)
TarponCrest9.75Just wanted to say that I loved your module you are a gifted person keep up the good work. thanks again!11-04-2006
Beardtrix9.50This is something special. At worst it's a well executed homage to final fantasy, at best the most accomplished NWN module ever created.

The hackneyed but solid plot does exactly what its meant to. The complex and diverse combat system makes the usual NWN xp slog a joy. Almost every item is custom-made and well placed to conserve the near perfect difficulty curve.

I have been playing NWN since two days after its UK release, enduring modules good and bad, but this is the first time I have been moved to comment on one here. Well done.
Midnight1610.00Hiya! Just finished this one and starting on the next part.

1) Wonderful and engaging storyline, hard to come by these days...
2) Interesting NPCs, :P that cleric has an attitude that makes you wanna slap her and hug her. XD
3) Bad guys that are realistic. No "I'm going to take over the world and I just happen to be uberly powerful! BWAHAHAHA!" kind of guys, get tiring after some point.
4) Challenging, but not to the point where you want to yank all your hair out.

...what cons? *thumbs up*

I'll get started on chapter 2 and hopefully finish and vote! All in all, a wonderful piece of work.

Is there a place where you post up all your art? I took a look at the ones in your journal and almost fell out of my chair with awe. I'd love to see them if I can.

Avalain10.00This module was great! I can't say enough great things about it. I've just finished the Aramus quest and I've been spellbound by the storyline. The detail you've put into this game is quite simply amazing. With the high level of quality that you have put into this game, I'm confident that it deserves a 10 even though I have yet to start the Challseus quest.10-30-2006
Sendrane10.00Definitely one of the best module series I have played so far, where as the interesting trend seems to go, the sequel is even better than the first (both still amazing).

Given that, a question: getting to the shinkara fields outside Dematol, I killed a few asps and found that they dropped snake skins randomly, but the lady in Arbine who has been taking skins from me says nothing about them, and I don't recall any snakeskin handling in the second module. Was the result of crafting snakeskin removed from the game, or did I miss something?

magicfx9.50It's a very good module, chapter 2 is even better. I don't mind a predefined PC when the mod gives you unique weapons and abilities that fit the theme and plot. I do have a minor complaint, some of the cutscence texts are slow and some went by so fast I missed parts of it. Hope you finish this series it been intriging and fun to play. There is a Paladin Triliogy I played that used a PC with unique weapons and abilities that was well done but alas, never finished. Thanks for your efforts! 10-24-2006
Caedmon7.00I was not impressed with this module and found many aspects of it extremely frustrating.

But first, the good points.
1) Loved the music.

2) Loved the integration of special abilities.

3) There were quite a few cutscenes.


1) My biggest issue is that scripting was terrible. Grammar and verb tenses were simply disgusting. It was the hardest piece of the game to stomach.

2) Combat balance was terrible as well. Three hits to kill a goblin with a great sword? My goodness!

3) I found my character use very, very limited. Until I received my first special ability all I did was kill stuff and suffer through terrible dialogue. There were no puzzles and very few uses of skills.

4) The cutscenes were very long and very drawn out. It I can go downstairs, empty the dishwasher, and come back to the computer to see a cutscene still playing, it's entirely too long.

5) Respawning monsters was unrealistic and very frustrating. I don't know how many footmen I killed in Aribine, but it was getting ridiculous.

I attempted to play the sequel but found much of the same issues in ROE 2 as I did in the first module.

Thank you for your hard work, but I cannot give this module a high rating.
Myconid9.25Technically astounding, but the module seemed to end just as it was getting going.

I liked the music, especially the selection of Final Fantasy tracks. The custom game world is well realized and gives the story an epic feel. The custom battle system works well and is a major positive for the module. Personally I don't mind being forced to play a specific character as I feel that the story can benefit from having a predefined PC. This is common in a lot of console RPGs, which often have very involving plots (e.g. the Final Fantasy series).
The abrupt ending was a dissapointment on my play through although this is now not such an issue as the sequel has been released.

Overall a very impressive module and series. Congrutalations, and all the best on getting your dream position in the games industry.
shappy10109.50I thought I'd give this Mod a shot before NWN2 hits my harddrive and I don't regret it a bit. Without a doubt the best Mod I've played so far. The story is high quality fantasy lore, and I greatly enjoyed the extra additions and alterations to the gameplay rules. As a musician my special compliments to the chosen soundtracks, although some where a bit to familiar (Gladiator, Lion King) you need a dedicated composer...10-23-2006
Domboard9.75Superb module, the most cinematic I've played (and I've played a few!). Combat is challenging, but most definitely in a good way - really enjoyed having to explore and use every facet of each party member in order to survive and progress. No. 2 here I come !! 10-22-2006
ralebeau9.00Well rats! Such an awesome looking and well written module yet I failed to get drawn into the story. Can't assign any blame really, well maybe some for a blacksmith who sells short bows and no arrows, but seriously this module is a phenominal piece of work anyway.10-20-2006
laska66610.00It works! and looks very interesting.thx10-17-2006
thasic9.50I was unsure of this Mod since I usually don't like playing pregenerated characters, but I really enjoyed it. The characters were intersting, the story engaging and the whole thing leaves me wanting more, perfect for any good story. I can't wait to start part two. Keep up the good work.10-16-2006
Peridan9.75I just have to say, out of all the modules I have played recently, this one is by far the best out of the bunch. The innovative scripting and the story remind me so much of an old-fashioned RPG style game I played on my gameboy =P. Keep up the great work!10-05-2006
angus0010.00This module is awsome, trully an unique experience. Looking foward for the next :D10-03-2006
metholiese10.00Great game. Thanks for sharing it.10-03-2006
MaxenThor10.00I have just completed the Aramus Module and have really enjoyed it and have just begun the Challseus module. BTW I'm really looking forward to Chapter 2. Keep up the good work.09-24-2006
daja.hester10.00Its great, to short though =(08-18-2006
sicnarf10.00great module, it reminds me of console RPGs. i can't wait for Chapter 2. I hope you finish it soon.08-15-2006
Vukodlak9.50You might just want to try playing the game. The storyline rather requires you to. Once you actually play the mod you'll understand.
I would have prefered an Armus who's stats were balanced towards becoming a weapon master in great sword. (which is why did so).
I'll have to play this module again. Mainly because my hard drive died a while back and I lost ALL my never winter modules and the respective saved games.
Cador9.50now i´m finished with the mod and have to say that it was the most impressive time i ever had in nwn! the music, the cutscenes the atmospher all was great. to combine the "console" and the "pc" rpg style is one of the best ideas i´ve ever heard of :)
i loved to play games like secret of mana, zelda and final fantasy 7 ... to play ROE was like traveling into the past.

so why only 9.5?
i think the fights are to hard. i have to admit that i´m not a good player, but i think some fights are impossible. the fight at challseus house for example, i used god mode after 10 tries. and even with good mode the fight lasted 10 min.
i think the problem is that my chars were only lvl 2. so no last resort nothing to summon...

my advice is to create 2 versions of chapter 2. one with normal difficulty and one that is easier. i can´t say how long this would take. it is always easy to give such an advice :) but i think many players play the mod mainly for the story the cutscenes and the rpg atmosphere, and the fight are not so important.

ok that was it for me.
can´t wait to play chapter 2!
voltfan7210.00wow, i just found this mod a month ago and loved it, i hope part 2 is just as awsome. im always slow to vote on stuff, sorry, but keep up the good work and please get out part 2 this month , i'm dying to play it!!! 08-04-2006
rockestjerne10.00Congratz Challseus with the best and most unique NWN module I`ve ever played;) I really enjoyed this one.
Been following your day to day journal on cry the beloved. Can`t wait for the release.
Tsepesh7.50Interesting module and the customized playing style was very well done. Very original. I know that a lot of work went into this, but I found the game lacking in balance, and frustrating. I like to play games where I get some choice, not have to be constantly stopped by movies and cut scenes. These were too long and too frequent. Secondly, the scripting needs polishing up, both in the spelling and expression. Finally, I thought some of the encounters far too difficult, when there was little or no armour available.

However, it was good that level progression was slow and that when you gained some kind of item, you appreciated it.

If you could fix those things above, for me this could be between 9 and 10. But I am probably in the minority in my criticism.
Stefano_Falcao10.00AND I just noticed that I hadn't voted for this module, for whatever reason, most likely lazyness.

I played this module a long, long time ago, closer to its release. Incredibly creative, Challseus brought us something we had never seen in NWN before - and for that, he deserves my thanks. I've been following relatively regularly your Chapter 2 development journal for a while and I'm looking forward to play the sequel to this wonderful mod.

And by the way, I'm sure you must already be tired of hearing this, but fantastic work on the visuals and the impressive customization options. As a builder/toolset enthusiast myself, I learned a lot from your area designs.

Sogno10.00That was one of the cleverest modules I have played to date. A great story, custom music (I particularly liked that), and well thought out locales. I eagerly await the release of part 2. :-)

Just a few gripes and bugs though. There are ALWAYS gripes right? :-) Oh, and SPOILERIFIC sort of from here on.

BUG 1: I tend to use the "search" ability quite a bit so my character walks around rather than running. Yeah OK, so I'm weird! ;-) ANYWAY, the problem is that when my character is in search mode, some cut scenes don't operate properly. Most notably the area "flyby's" would act strange. For instance, when the party first comes out of the Inn, there is a flyby of Aribine followed by a bit of conversation. With my character set in "Search" mode, he wasn't in the right place for the conversation to proceed properly. (The character was running all over the place.)

BUG 2: Upon returning to the Inn, after finding the remains of the Boundary Warden party, my guy made it to the Inn, killed off the guards on the second story, grabbed the key, opened the chest AND... got a nifty cut scene talking about his new ring. The only problem was, the ring was never transferred to his inventory. I got halfway through the North Shinkara Forest before I realized "Hey, where's my guy's nifty new ring?" :-)

Gripe 1: the cut scenes. I like that there are so many cut scenes, what I didn't like was that they seem to have a tendency to do crazy things. Like spin around in a circle or bounce up and down REALLY fast so I can't read the dialog.

Gripe 2: spelling errors. There were quite a few spelling errors strewn throughout the module. However, as I tend to always play through a module at least twice, next time I will keep a record and send them to you. :-)

Gripe 3: OK, I admit this gripe is REALLY pathetic but... I HATE PLAYING GUYS.... Perhaps there will be a chance to play as a woman character somewhere down the road? ;-)

And with that, GREAT JOB and keep up the good work! I can't wait for part 2! :-)
Gaeldrin10.00Great Module!07-06-2006
Jamro9.50I didn't actually like this enough to give the vote I'm giving, but I just have to acnowledge the tremendous production value in this. There's just so much custom content in this, well written story, probably the most memorable characters in any module I've seen yet. Very playable.

Having said that, I didn't really like many of the changes. Not the combo attack system, custom death system, or most of the other changes. This is a very good attempt to twist NWN into a japanese RPG. NWN just doesnt bend quite that much, leaving this a half measure, despite all the effort.

I did have a good time playing this, for much of the time. But it was also a frustrating experience.

Basically: Job extremely well done, but not my cup of tea.
Simply the Best.

P.S. Just off to get MP3toBMU...
DaNippers10.00Woot Good ol' Chels Got his JUST rewards :) *Pats Challseus on the back and Calls In a Party* See I Told you It was in the bag, Unfortunatly life and comp probs cause me a crash and New comp update SOOOooo now I have to play part one AGAIN *faigns a sigh then Laughs* lol So I can Platy Part two when you are done lol *Drools*06-15-2006
Riona8.75The game reminded me greatly of Legacy: Dark Moon Rising in the sense that it is designed as a console style module that uses a style of it's own (and reminiscent of certain Japanese RPGs) rather than adapts the standard D&D system used in NWN. I will admit upfront that "console-style" modules aren't really my cup of tea to begin with, but I certainly enjoyed this module and the introduction of the story and world Challseus has created here...even if the overall package is something of a mixed bag.

Much has been said by other players about the numerous cutscenes in this module. Yes, there are many of them, but I never thought they were boring or overlong, and I do feel they told the story quite effectively. It's obviously that a lot of time and effort was put into the scripting of these cutscenes, and I do feel it paid off. That said, the camera was shaky at times, and the floating text occasionally moved more quickly than it should. When I watch a cutscene, I want to relax and just enjoy the scene, so I think it's better for floating text to move slowly rather than quickly. Also as noted, Rose of Eternity makes excellent use of custom music (many tracks from movies and past console RPGs), although I do not recall seeing more about the music in the credits other than "various". If so much custom music is to be used, I feel that credit should be listed track by track, for good measure.

Rose of Eternity is a very story-based module (with minimal roleplaying, although there *is* some roleplaying there), so I must also make some points about the writing. I felt that the writing was servicable but so-so: it was rather flat and matter-of-fact on an artistic level and could use more polish on a mechanical level. I have to admit, though, that in spite of this some characters really jumped out at me. I especially liked the prickly Clopon, as well as Challseus, who according to the author "doesn't have many enlightening things to say", which makes him seem all the more real to me.

The "dual story" idea is also innovative and probably a good idea, but again I have mixed feelings about both "stories". The Aramus story path is longer and far more interesting because that is where you learn about the main plot (and travel with an intriguing character, Clopon)--all of which is brought to life through the use of cutscenes. However, it is also unfortunately bogged down by very basic "fetch and carry" quests, some of which cannot even be finished until the forthcoming sequel module. If there are to be sidequests, this game at least deserves some quests that feel more imaginitive rather than routine. The Challseus quest is definitely "tighter", but I wondered at times if it was truly necessary. It's so short, and while I liked meeting the twin companions (both of whom are basically little kids!), nothing really important seems to happen until at the very end of the story path. Challseus and company essentially take a trip through a dungeon where they must battle different variations of the same pudding-like creature. Ho-hum.

I think the weakest aspect of this module is the fact that it feels more like a simple beginning or prelude than a substantial game within itself. Obviously it is part of a series (and I will play Cry the Beloved when it arrives!), but I still believe that even a module within a series should feel more "complete". Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly agree with the author when he calls his work a "labor of love", and it's well worth your time to take a trip to Dantiras. Rose of Eternity has features you probably have never seen before in a NWN mod, and I look forward to seeing what happens to the characters I got to meet.
Schee10.00I had heard great things about this module before I played it, but the reason I decided to download it was more boredom than anything else, I don?t play much NWN anymore but I decided to give it a try non the less. And I was not disappointed. In fact I was pleasantly surprised, the good things I had heard about this module did not do it justice. A good story, excellent use of cut scenes and refreshingly ?new? music, as well as new abilities and twists that made NWN feel almost like a new game!

First of all I really enjoyed the Aramus part, the use of areas there was truly excellent, I have never really seen anyone make a story feel so long and involved with so few areas. The areas themselves where also quite good looking. The new abilities as said made things feel new and refreshing, even if I only got to use his Last Resort once. All the interesting touches, like certain creatures being afraid of Aramus light, or the ability to temper your weapon, added even more to the experience. In the end though, the best part was of course the involving story, and the interaction between our two heroes (three in the end).

The Challseus part I did not really enjoy as much, it felt like it was done rather hastily somehow, and the whole feel was not the same (probably because I liked Aramus character better). I missed having a few special abilities to play with, Challseus could have done with some of those, and it felt a bit weird to play this ancient master wizard? starting at level 2. However, it was still good and fun to play, and when you get two modules in one you should not complain.

There where few things in the module that I directly disliked, but I experienced a few technical difficulties. For starters, in some of the cut scenes the camera acted strange, jumping back and fourth. I have seen this before, and for me it seems to only happen when the character is standing to close to the edge of the area, so if more have reported that then it might be something to look in to. In general, camera movement was a bit shaky (literally), not sure why, never really seen it before. And in one of the final Challseus scenes, when he is doing the summoning, the camera was facing the wrong way!

Well, these are rather minor things I guess (except the last one, but that might just have been a freak occurrence), and did not detract much from the pleasure of playing the module. In the end, I give it a 10, because I have never played anything in NWN that has so clearly shown what you can really do if you want to. A refreshing and great module in all.
Tom Rudder9.25A real treat for any Final Fantasy fan, the module has a great mood and the specially created combat features for this mod are really stelar. Use of cutscenes was well done and really helps to draw you in.

Pro's: Colourful characters, colourful settings, great combat desigin, good character interaction, 'fabulous' musical score and quiet well paced.

Con's: Occasional odd use of words in dialogue (very minor), playing through as Challseus may not be everyones cup of tea.

Overall, a really good module, I eagerly await its sequal (currently in development) and only wish this one was somehow longer (once you complete it you will appreciate why it was ended where it was)
Space Cadet Marko10.00WOW! Amazing! Just started playing this module, and I can't put it away! Final Fantasy meets D&D - I love it! Can't say enough. Just play it.05-28-2006
Lagnus_etk10.00Was superb and I can just imagine how great it would be port this to NWN 2.Great work people.05-27-2006
GawainBS9.50The soundtrack of this module is really fantastic! It adds a lot of atmossphere to the adventure. People who liked Lords of Darkness will like this one too, trust me. :-)05-27-2006
xavori10.00Hello there. I've played and finished recently your mod, Rose of Eternity, and here's my take on it.

Overall: Great. Awesome. Few things annoy me in the mod, but compared to the bigger picture, it's all good.

Characters: very original stuff. I loved the dialogues (Especially between
Clopon and Aramus).

Story: A very, very original way of commencing the mod, having the prisoner
recount the story. Love the cutscenes, very console-rpg style, which I like.
Out of curiosity, did the Shinra scene in Final Fantasy 7 inspire you for
the cutscene where the four bad-guys sit at the table? It seems like it to
me, but one can't ever be sure of some things.

Originality: I find it a very nice thing that you inspired yourself on
console-rpgs like Chronno Trigger and Final Fantasy 7 to make this mod.
Gotta love those games.

Music: I was almost moved to tears upon hearing Chrono Trigger and Final
Fantasy 7 themes playing! There were even ones I didn't recognize...

Small annoying things: Battles. Simply put, there were some trivial ones
that frustrated me (Like goblin fights) since it seemed like the enemy was
very, very lucky, and I had to use most of my resources in every one of
them. Still, once you get the hang of it, it isn't that bad. The
footsoldiers ar Aribine could use some nerfing in their hitpoints; it was
annoying to battle those every single second in the town and have the fight
last one minute.

I think that's it. I'm looking forward for Chapter 2, now ;)

Thank you for making the mod! It was worth my time, beggining to end.
tuilan7.00I downloaded this module to see what it was like. Well, the scripting is very well done - nice cut-scenes, but I have to agree with many of the critics: the cut scenes are a bit over-done.

1. Nice music
2. Good Cut Scenes
3. Promising Custom scripting

1. The README says there is a custom Death/Spawn system: I got killed by wolves early on, and had not yet saved; there *was* no way to re-spawn. You might have considered making a way to skip the cut scenes in the case of such an event. As a result, because the cut scenes are SO long and NOT skippable, I have no desire to reload the module.
2. The Music is COPYRIGHTED and NO proper credit or licensing is mentioned anywhere in either the readme or in the opening credits. Only a vague reference to "Various Artists" was mentioned in the opening credits. I'm sure that Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones, the composers of the score to The Last Of The Mohicans deserve to mentioned at the very least if in fact not INFORMED of your use of tracks 4 (The Glade Part II) and 11 (Cora) from their soundtrack. Track 11 was used in the beginning room, upstairs in the Inn; track 4 was used in the outside town area. I can perhaps understand the use of proprietary music for privately operated campaign modules; but when used for a module that is downloaded by the public it is unacceptable. What you've done is essentially repackaged someone else's music without their permission and submitted it to the public for free consumption. I don't know how many other artist's music tracks you have used, but with the number of downloads you have received for this module, it could easily become a liability for you should someone wish to take legal action against you for violation of copyrights.

soul of the rose9.50Briliant module - just a little in hard on Challseus's story.04-22-2006
OBJECT_SELF9.75I thought the cutscenes were cool at first, but then seemed gratuitous and kind of a nuisance after a while. Other than that, great writing, excellent scripting, and decent gameplay. Overall very good.04-13-2006
Injurak10.00Very good, cant wait to play chapter 2.04-13-2006
eihnlanzer9.75U deserve 9.75 points from me... (Im really having problems posting this score at last this time it went through ) looking forward to Cry the Beloved :) 04-10-2006
Phil Carter9.00Hey Challseus,

I am very impressed with this module. The story, the new effects, the well-chosen music (hey, anybody who utilizes the music of Howard Shore, Enya and Yanni in a module definitely gets kudos in my book), the good cutscenes -- all of these things put it well above most modules I've played.

I spent most of the day playing through the Aramus quest and am going to be restarting it in a little bit because I wasn't happy with the way I'd played through it so far. Are you interested in hearing about needed grammar/spelling fixes? There have been no bugs that I have seen yet, but there are quite a few dialogues that should be fixed up (comma splices, no commas where there should be, typoed words here and there).

Let me know and I will send you an email with the details. Also, if you're looking for a playtester / beta tester / dialogue editor for "Cry the Beloved", let me know and I'll be glad to help out with that as well.

Thanks for sharing this module with us!

DMLadyAbagail10.00Although this doesnt follow the kind of gameplay I usually go after, "Rose" is without question on of the most well thought out and programmed modules I have ever seen. It has taken Bioware's product and made it into an entirely unique setting with original gameplay! If you havent tried out "Rose" I suggest you get it soon before the sequel is released!

Lady Abagail
Duchess of Dandelion10.00I absolutely loved it!! The module was very cinematic and extremely engaging. I can't say enough! The screen shots are fantastic, and I liked getting to play two different characters to see different aspects of the story. Its like getting two modules in one! I can't wait for "Cry the Beloved." I'm sure it will be a stunning series.

todde9.00There has been alot of talk lately on the boards about scores and ratings and the purpose of ratings, and I wanted to weigh in on that as I cast my vote of this mod.
This mod was not my cup of tea as far as game play goes. SO why do you ask am I giving it a 9 as a rating? Because, there is a problem in the country that we have forgotten how to actually evaluate something and instead we think our opinion is golden. Actuall reviewing and raiting has little to do with personal taste or at least it shouldnt when evaluating a crations merit. Insted one must look a what the author intends to do as a creator and then evaluate it on its merit as compared to what is considered the norm. This creator has clearly tried to create an immersive enviroment that is part gameplay and part living a story. I would compare what he attempted to to on the lines of the BG series in its depth of story. There has been alot of good and interesting work done here as far as scripting and the creator has totally made definate choices as to what he wants to see in the mod. Nothing has been left to chance. Its clearly a good mod. Having said that, the game paly is a little too movie for me and I didnt get into the story that much. Some of that might be due to the mood Im in. BUT even though I didnt have a good a time as I liked I can still recognise good work when I see it.
To the author, dont think twice about the negitive comments or raitings you have gotten. From the comments they left they didnt like the things you specifically wnated in the mod. As a result you and those who left neg ratings dont have the same tastes and, well so what. Opinions are like @ssholes. Everybody has one and the same stuff comes out of both. As a piece of creative work this is super and I can see the hard, specific work you have put into this. Just because I didnt have a great time playing it doesnt mean it isnt good work. Heck everyone is ga-ga over the Godfather. I dont really care for it, but I can still see the great artistic merit it has and apperciate it on that level even if the subject matter isnt interesting to me. Doesnt make it anyless quality just because Im not wild about hte story.
SO keep creating what you feel is good and fun stuff and dont worry to much about the rest, or the opinion or strangers. Opinion and actuall reviewing of merit are not hte same thing dispite what we think in theis country.
Nice job.
jaythehand9.25I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of craft and detail the author put into this module. However, I could not give this a higher rating: the Console experiment didn't quite work for me (and I wouldn't consider myself a DnD purist). Along those lines, I found the long cutscenes rather distracting: Having some of the cutscenes simply be normal conversations would have improved the experience tremendously for me. However, I salute you for your tremendous work.03-26-2006
Gaias9.00Congratulations on you IGF Award.

I have actually started playing this mod again, and playing it without any bias I usually have towards this style of play. To tell you the truth I had to reevaluate my inital score of 5, and I have bumped it up to a 9. I am quite enjoying the second time around, as it requires you to adjust your style of play.
Kaily10.00Good storyline, interesting charachters, very final fantasy-like, as others mentioned :)
<br>Looking forward to the next chapter!
Preston110.00This is a great module. Can't wait for the sequel. The cook for the berry gathering quest told me to go away after I had a chance to collect all the berries. But that was the only glitch for me in the entire module. The cut scenes were absoultely stellar and the story engaging from the moment I entered the game. 03-11-2006
NFLed6.75This module wasn't my cup of tea but there are well-done parts and so I give it a 6.75. I had read the many very positive comments and was prepared for a story driven module but unfortunately the story did not interest me enough to make me want to be led along through its path and ultimately I could not remain interested in playing beyond reaching the North Shinkara Forest.03-06-2006
BraliusMelchior10.00A perfect 10. This is the first module I've ever been able to sit down and play through without getting bored, putting it aside for a while, or just abandoning alltogether. While playing through there were many memories of the classic Squaresoft games I played throughout my teens, not only the music, but the whole -feel- to the game.
<br>Those of you who are die hard fans of old console games (Final fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana...) will all definitely appreciate this module on a different level. This module really is a must see for everyone though.
<br>Thanks Challseus!
Vaughnteper10.00Great mod but how can I turn off your camera hak...your cinematics are reat and story is superb. My only complaint is the camera and I knew how to turn it off long ago but since then I have done all kind of things like go to Iraq and so I kinda forgot......heh 02-25-2006
trekie900110.00The Coming is a great module.
<br>I can't wait for the next one to come out.
pnpmaniac8.50Its hard for me to give a too bad rating to this modukle on the count that so much is really done well and very impressive. But the story and charcters did not grab me so much and it just didnt feel like DnD. 02-24-2006
Rabid Mongoose10.00Rarely comes along a module that excels in all aspects: solid setting, enticing story, dynamic characters, mood-appropirate music selection, remarkable scripting, and interesting addtions to gameplay. A well-deserved 10/10! Thank you, and keep up the good work! :)02-21-2006
pugzebub9.75Excellent mod. The music really added to the story, and the story was great. It really had the feel of an old school rpg like ff2 etc. Excellent job - hurry up with part2! :)02-19-2006
Andrey.P10.00Most perfect module I ever played!
<br>Music, gameplay, everything.
<br>I rate it higher then original NWN itself!
<br>Great job.
<br>Waiting for chapter 2
Crpls9.00My only problem with this (these) was the length. Just as I was getting into it, the end comes. I absolutely love the use of music, and the cutscenes are great. Who'd want to skip them? :)
<br>Can't wait for the second chapter.
<br>What exactly is the theme that plays during the credits at the end? It's really beautiful.
Geddy8.00I hate giving this such a low score, but man sloging through all those cut scenes just took the fun out of it... It really needs to move along a little faster.02-08-2006
ChaironDeCeleste10.00Hope this is encouraging enough :-D02-06-2006
Ceravin10.00Great module! Check your messages on the bioware forums for a bug report.02-05-2006
Eldharan10.00Now I voted =P before i just sent a comment cause i didn't know that I had to have an account...
<br>And I repeat! Is the best that I ever played, Challseus is cool too!
<br>I'm waiting for the second part =)
Dedeko8.00very different type of module. I enjoyed it and look forward to the future01-27-2006
POtheLionheart10.00This module was truly amazing, Leonard. I'm glad that I will be working on the next one with you. The story is very well developed, as are the characters and the world in general. What I want most out of these games is the story, and this one delivers completely.
<br>Hoping to help you jumpstart your career,
<br>P.S. There is another guy on the vault named Pablo? Weird. Seems to have left a comment for you as well.
MrRoboto9.75Top notch module! Truly unique, and engrossing story!01-21-2006
Armaranth10.00Now I have registered and can vote. Great module! Thanks for having put so much time and effort in this! I can't wait for the second part...
Abbi9.50It's refreshing to see a module in NWN thats build loike a console RPG (of wich I have plenty ;> ). The whole setup reminds me of various Square games (in a positive way).
<br>**Spoilers and such**
<br>For example that Kain guy who kills some people and ports out was an interesting idea. Or the many cutscenes wich are made very professional; having the music play as if it was made specifically for them).
<br>The 2-Way-playthrough-mode is cool too and those 2 Kiddo's really remembered me of Palom and Porom (if you know em ^^)
<br>All in all a very solid and fun module. A bit short but extremely well programmed and very detailed and the atmosphere beats most other modules (i.e. Shinkara Forest).
Mandorallen10.00Nothing to say Challseus, I was hooked on the story ever since I played it ages ago when you uploaded it on the forums. The story was one of the best, hell, this story if elaborated it a bit more can even compete with the storyline of Wild Arms, which was in my opinion is the best overall console RPG ever since 199601-20-2006
Trekna10.00First off, I must say this type of module was a long time in the coming, no pun intended.
<br>I have now played 'The Coming' twice over, once a few months back and just recently after a computer upgrade. The first time I found the game quite enjoyable and sadly did not tell anyone of my experience.
<br>The type of games I tend to play and enjoy are the ones that have a story to them that is coherent and often on more than one level. The original NWN campaigns have little to no appeal to me honestly and so do very very few of the player made modules.
<br>The Rose of Eternity Series, yes, Series, is and promises to live up to what it claims and then some. Unlike tradional console RPG's where you have the main character and gain abilities strict method of events where your decisions matter very little, The Coming incorporates what makes open ended games like Morrowind excellent in my book, your choice matter.
<br>I personally liked the "feature", because that is what it is, of having to play default characters. The mystery to finding out who you are and what is going on is an excellent turn on in a game for me. The lack of information in this case allows me to imagine what could have happened and if possible, guess where things will go.
<br>The only thing that I'd even consider slightly bad would be some of the music, I've heard the FF songs many times, I'm a dork... I know, and it gets old after a while.
<br>However, I would give this module a 10/10 despite that fact. I only hope that 'Cry the Beloved' is but a tenth of 'The Coming' quality wise and that this module will challenge other builders to rise to the occasion and try to out do what appears to be a great series.
Yashal10.00The one that said: "perfection is boring", never played this module.
<br>I'm really impressed, whoa!
YorgosD10.00This does deserve a straight 10. Interesting story, some fresh gameplay ideas and a radical way of using cutscenes. Its only weakness is being relatevely short.
<br>By the way I think I noticed some references to history. The religious differences and the red hooded soldiers remind me of the american independence... and then there is Lenin. Or is this a coincidence?
FrozenSnowy10.00Excellent module, and anything else is irrelevant to be said. With a bit of changes, it will be even more than flawless - it'll be perfect.
<br>I'm eagerly waiting for Cry the Beloved. I'm sure I'm not alone ;)
CaitlynRoe9.25I just got through playing with both characters. I enjoyed it, and found many innovative elements. However, as I see you're aware from the website, the cut scene videos were quite long and I found myself disappointed when one came on. My suggestion is to make the player feel interactive...even if there is only one option, to make the player click through conversations would be more interesting than to see the dialogue appear on the screen (I sometimes got the feeling the game was playing itself). The music in general was very well suited for the game. Maybe it's just me, but I was a little turned off when music from Schindler's List came on (although I can't really articulate why). I can tell the countless hours you put into the module, and like the new ideas (unlike other people, I grew to like having a premade character as it lent depth to the story) and look forward to the next installment.01-03-2006
3leftfeet8.50Really an awesome mod, only thing I didnt like was the "demo" feel, there was few last resorts and almost no optional battles. Still, Ive liked what Ive heard about Cry the Beloved so far, and I think most if not all those issues are going to be solved. Keep up the good work.01-01-2006
Elkie10.00Brilliant!!!! Can't wait for the next one.
fuzzynumbskull10.00psst. it's "in vain," not "in vein" (unless you're an ex-junkie)12-31-2005
pokstair10.00well i heard about the guy who voted low, so im changing my vote. i still don't think it really is perfect 10, but i realise the modules rated higher than yours aren't all better than yours anyway :P12-29-2005
Trilinyx9.00I played your module months ago but read your rant on your development page and I couldn't resist supporting your hard work. I've been reading what you have in store for the upcoming part 2 and can't wait to play it. Keep motivated and good things will come. Keep up the good work!12-29-2005
maraine2.00worst playing experience I've had. I have no idea why it's gotten such a high rating. very heavy handed.. too many movies. The author should have made a movie instead of a game... there was NO game play in the 6 hours I struggled with this module before giving up.12-28-2005
MarhaultE10.00Easily in my top 5 of all time, thats including Biowares modules. Played Aramus as a paladin and it worked well. The combat system is actually fun and inventive. The problem with a lot of heavy story games the combat is bland and forced. In RoE it is actually fun and challenging from the beginning and all the way through.
<br>PLAY IT!
El Dano9.75On a lot of levels, this mod is a real work of art. I found it engrossing and fun and painstakingly brought to life. (more in comments thread)12-22-2005
Koekjesman9.25great mod, with an atmosphere of its own
Hoshizora10.00I just finished playing Aramus.. WOW.. THIS IS AMAZING.. I love you man! The music was perfect! This is the best module ive played in a long while! Thank you for all your hard work! Please keep it up!12-19-2005
surfboar9.75This module is remarkably well done. The story was tight and interesting, particularly the interplay between Aramus and Coplon was a riot. The cut scenes were a bit too long but that would be my only criticism.
<br>I did note one potential bug. After you have received the red berries quest, you leave town and eventually seek out the berries. When you return and the Legacy soldiers are present, the old woman that gave you the quest won't talk to you. Even after I have wiped the guards out that are in the inn.
<br>I can't wait for the next installment and I hope that this author graces us with many more modules to come. Good job mate!!!
Dragonreaver10.00This mod rocked cant wait for the second one.12-18-2005
venkatsrin10.00wonderful lively world... must have been very hard to create such a thorough, beautiful module. Music alone deserves a 10! Only gripes - the usual not being able to skip cutscenes... cant wait for chap 2..12-16-2005
Big_Noob10.00ok. now vote damn it!!!! it's a 10 out of 1012-08-2005
DT710.00Just here to cast my vote ;3 Otherwise, thank you for aiding me in this, I'm going to try it out now ^^12-07-2005
DraconianMelody10.00Like said in my country "OLE!" (yup, spanish, so forgive my bad english)
<br>This is by far one of the best mods i have ever played. A incredible use of cinematics and cameras... and a amazing music selection... The introduction in Aribine with the soundtrack of the Lion King and the final cinematic with the music from Schidlers List its just incredible.
<br>But its not only about music and cinematics. The development of the characters as the story progress its very well elaborated, with very well written dialogs and givin you always little hints about the main story.
<br>Also, it has an unique battle mode that works perfectly even if you do not understand it at all at first sight.
<br>I can only say that people should play this mod, because it is, without a doubt, one of the best references of a well done mod for nwn.
<br>Congratulations for Challseus and the people that helped him to made this mod, because they have done and incredible work with this.
<br>An applause for you ^^
Ridicula10.00Perfect!! This is one high quality module. Beautiful, doesn't even begin to describe it! Can hardly wait for the second part. Keep up the great work.11-27-2005
Sunrava10.00Loved it11-26-2005
Delibator10.00Supreme module11-25-2005
<br>Wow this mod is really something different (which is a grood thing :P)I can't wait for the sequel!
<br>I was just wondering, how did u make it so challseus and aramus started in different spots? Cauz i was gonna make a mod with 2 charaters who started in different spots but i didn't think it was possible..
<br>Again great mod! First one i've voted for :)
Egaskrad8.75Hmmm, How should I put it. Well, let's talk about the strong points first. The music is excellent. Not only that the music are good, but they fit into the scenes well too. Impressive work. The new fighting system is refreshing. Old bag like me just can't wait to combine these skills with our original way of fighting. The NPCs in this module have some very strong characters. It would be nice if they can go further that way. Now, for the to-be-improved part. The story is quite simple, comparing to the effect that was put into the atmosphere and else. It is more like an introduction than a part one to me. It isn't good to go too complex but this one is just overly plain. I hope that things will get a little bit better once into chapter 2.11-24-2005
blackaddrr9.75Great story driven module! I think the theatrical elements and soundtrack add great entertainment value. Well worth the effort! Only drawback is the inability to skip past some cutscenes (if you've already seen them). A couple of strategic saves helped, but it would be nice to skip. I assume this is a logistical thing (movie vs. scripting), not worth killing yourself over.
<br>Excellent work!
Kirian5.00I am sorry, but I have to disagree with the high rating of this module. Although I appreciate the massive amount of work the maker put into it, this is not a good module. The story is childish and the dialogues are painful to read. Perhaps the maker should enlist someone with better skills in writing for his/her next module?11-22-2005
monsinyana29.00Glad to see someone getting use out of our Garden Hak.
<br>Andrew Bator
<br>Project Coordinator RLCore
Nexuss_Girl9.75Okay, someone has just pointed out something in one of their comments, and I just felt the need to comment on it myself.
<br>I'm glad you made some good cut-scenes in this module!
<br>A couple of modules I have played in the past with cut-scenes in them, have usually had NPCs displaying actions instead of a lot of talking between themselves, which to me, slightly makes for a more interesting storyline, but regardless, there isn't anything about this module I have any qualms over, and I have really enjoyed playing it! :-)
Klamaak10.00Excellent work11-13-2005
AlexBurel10.00Great module, just wish I didn't have to wait another year for the sequal. Oh well.
<br>BTW, how many moduels in this series are you planning to make?
Lord Guinness10.00One of the best I've ever played!Great story!11-11-2005
Shadius9.75While I generally prefer more "Bioware-Style" modules, this one was a blast to play. It made me remember why I USED to be a console RPG fanatic :p. Gripping story, plenty of fun stuff to do on the sideline (though easily missed if you don't explore), interesting characters and arguably the best combat encouters I've ever seen in a module. Hell, the battles barely even feel like NWN anymore! (in a good way) What more could an RPG fan ask for?
<br>I only have one complaint; there's quite a few grammar and spelling errors to be spotted troughout the module. I suggest that you might want to enlist a proofreader. But asides from that, this module goes into the list of greats. I'll be downloading Cry the Beloved the day it comes out.
Mave10.00Although I normally do give mods I like a high rating (although I don't vote that much) this one does deserve it, the cutscenes were brilliant and I appreciate the scripting invloved in it, I liked how the guards talked with people as the passed in the village, all in all a brilliant mod, good visual design (if I was not in the middle of my own mod I would offer my help, small as that would be compared to the team you already have)11-04-2005
Slygar8.75This was a pretty cool mod. I really liked the custom ability system, very interesting concepts. I liked the Squaresoft touches a lot too, although some of the music choices seemed a little out of place - although that might just be because of previous association, heh. Wasnt so into the story, or dialog that much, either. Nicely challenging combat. Will try the next :)10-31-2005
Aessinus10.00SOUND ? Best part of the module. Absolutely great selections and mixing
<br>CUT-SCENES - The exact reason I dl'd in the first place; I'd read the reviews and was intrigued by the widely divergent views. Must say, on replaying, just get a beer, sit back and enjoy! If people don't have time to wait, what are they doing playing NWN? Most stunning visuals of any work I've seen. I hope it inspires others with what can be done.
<br>DOCUMENTATION ? Excellent. Readme, walkthru, website, daily updates, forum responses, etc. Readily admits shortcomings and solicited help from the community. This youngster provides an OUTSTANDING level of support - IMHO, Boiware is missing the boat if they don't speak to him.
<br>ROLEPLAY ? Limited, BY DESIGN! people - but no more than Zelda, Vice City, (btw, my son compares your work to Morrowind)
<br>STORY - well done. Impatiently awaiting Chp2
<br>REPLAYABILITY - have to say the 5th time thru I am still trying out different character builds for Challseus, so I'll reserve judgemen a bit longer t:)
<br>ACTION ? Heavy H&S, just like the description says. Just what the doctor ordered after a day of brutal telecons and endless meetings.
<br>GAMEPLAY ? different, but quite enjoyable
<br>CONCLUSION - Challseus, excellent job! Your perspective on the engine is a fine example of what new blood brings to any situation. Congrats on HoF; I'd like to see you in the running for '05 Mod of the year. Welcome to DnD, my friend, and best wishes with your career objectives!
ColdCypher10.00Forgot to log in hehe. 10 all the way!10-24-2005
OZGOD10.00Stop whinging Skald. If the doorbell rings then don't answer it till the cut scene is done, simple!
<br>Excellent work on this Challseus btw.
soul-devourer10.00and now a vote!10-22-2005
Skald8.50Enjoyed the mod but have a couple of style choices that kind of took me out of the story:
<br>1. Too many cut scenes at the beginning, especially didn't like the credits in town since I had *just* watched the opening movie and it totally took me out of the story.
<br>2. You used a lot of "air text" which tends to overlap and if something happens during a cut scene like the doorbell ringing I have to go back and try to replay the scene. Forced conversations give *me* control and, more importantly, are logged so I can go back and reread if I need to.
<br>I get that you are going for console feel but it's also important to remember that it's *not* a console and you can get the console feel without abandoning all of the advantages of the PC.
<br>Those two bits aside, I'm looking forward to the rest of the story! Thanks for all the work you obviously put into this.
Cowface10.00Great Mod! Very original plot, and great character development. Can't wait for #2!10-12-2005
white_paladin10.00I just wanted to say that this module was absolutely stunning. Thanks to you I didn't get any of my studying done this weekend! ;D But seriously, the different battle styles, the graphics, soundtrack, storyline, it was all amazingly done. I am really looking forward to the sequel module, I personally feel this is the best mod since Midnight. Great job and keep up the good work! =)
<br>White Paladin
laisee10.00beautifully written and engaging, though all too short!! blue type on cut scenes sometimes hard to read, magic mushroom didn't do barskin for some reason, so many unfinished quests as well!!! antelope, berries etc. but mood and music and storyline more than made up for all of that. Thank you10-09-2005
DazLa6610.00An amazing and orginal mod. Hats off you only just strated playing it but already fallen in love with this one. Love the FF style to it.10-08-2005
Yau10.00absolutely remarkable. the last resorts, unison stuff make the playing experience forget your playing nwn. feels like a new game with same graphics. the fights are challenging which i like. the party members are great.
<br>the only probably i have is the start sequence is a bit too long. "singing singing" etc but only have to watch that once :)
<br>too much to say which makes it so good :)
Trillian9.75I'm not a huge fan of console style RPGs but I really enjoyed this and am eagerly anticipating part 2. It's a really unique, stand out mod!! Loved it!10-02-2005
sham3n10.00I just had to register and vote. This by far one of the most entertaining modules I have ever played. I am by no means a reviewer, but I enjoyed this module so much I just had to write a review.
<br>This module is unlike any NWN module I have ever played before. After reading the majority of the reviews, I knew I was in for a unique experience. I definitely had to take off my DnD hat to truly enjoy it, but it was worth it.
<br>VISUALS ? There were not that many areas in the module. However, all of those that were there were totally beautiful, as well as engrossing. The ?Garden Of Roses? is the area that sticks out the most. After watching that cut-scene, I was totally drawn into the module. The module had very nice effects as well.
<br>SOUND ? This is definitely one of the key parts of the game it was absolutely stunning. The author has a real knack for picking just the right music for the different areas. My favorite track has to be during the cut-scene opening of the Garden Of Roses. I have been humming that song all day at work as a matter of fact:). I do hope he continues with the custom music in his upcoming sequel.
<br>REPLAYABILITY ? Not sure about anyone else, but I have played through Aramus? quest 3 times, and Challseus? quest 2 times. I have to admit I did miss a lot of quests in the beginning of the game my 1st run through, so it was fun finding those the 2nd time through (with the help of the walkthroughs).
<br>DOCUMENTATION ? This module has a full-fledged website with documentation for every part of the game you could think of. There is also a very detailed read me, bestiary, and walkthroughs for both characters. The author has a blog that he updates daily concerning his next module, which I really like.
<br>ROLEPLAYING QUALITY ? Very hard to gauge, since this is not your typical NWN mod. Since there is a very straightforward story, you cannot really deviate from it. This is in no way a slight to this module, and I would not take anything away from it because of this.
<br>ACTION QUALITY ? This game was definitely balanced, in terms of fighting and non-fighting scenes. The best action-oriented part of the module has to be the way you had to fight the Shinkara Shadows in the North Shinkara Forest. It was very difficult the first couple of deaths but I finally figured out the strategy to defeating the shadows. I think almost every fight was very doable, as long as you used your wits and all of the abilities and items of your party member. Great stuff.
<br>GAMEPLAY ? I must stress that if you are looking for a traditional NWN module, this may not be for you. Everything in this module seems to be custom. Aramus receives an ability early on called Illuminate which is just SO cool. Upgrading these special attributes really add a lot more depth and strategy to the game play.
<br>Last Resorts were very useful, especially towards the end of the game when you could take on those Defenders Of Legacy footmen. Although I think the ?Howl? ability that the Worgs use could be toned down a bit. Perhaps you can make a save against it?
<br>Unison Abilities, although not really used until the end of the game, is a really cool concept. I was just so surprised at how seamless it took to work. I hope that in Chapter 2 this will be expanded even further.
<br>Special items such as Tonics Of Rebirth and Fleetness tonics were also a welcome addition for the game.
<br>STORY ?The story always left off at a cliffhanger, which kept me wondering what was going to happen next. I also loved the interaction between Clopon and Aramus. She is officially the party member I love to hate:) The writing isn?t perfect but by looking at your daily blog, I see you have a team of writers helping you for chapter 2.
<br>CUT-SCENES ? In my opinion, the best part of the module. Let me get this out of the way now?Although I have been a PnP player for a long time, I don?t want to have that same PnP feeling when I play a video game. In other words, I want visuals dammit! :) The intro cut-scene is definitely the BEST NWN that I have ever watched. I truly felt the pain of the Keeper Of The Roses because of this cut-scene.
<br>CONCLUSION - In my opinion, this is the best module I have played for NWN and I hope Chapter 2 will be just as good if not better.
<br>P.S. I noticed that vote of a 3 you received earlier is totally undeserving. I don?t understand why people like that would vote something like that.
Narph10.00best mod i have ever played09-29-2005
Locke.Polnet10.00Well to tell the truth, I give this a 10. The reason why. I loved it. It is the best one I have played and its custom content rivaled even that of Bioware and other various custom content makers. I was completely taken into the story line, and gripping the mouse during battles. From Last Resorts to the Soundtrack, this module is compelling and one of a kind. It allows the user to see a whole new use of the NWN toolset and what it can do. I was shocked,and amazed to see goblins using special attacks, the compelling dialogue and the remarkable conflicts. Anyone who does not like this module is not an RPG lover and should sell NWN right away to find a more subtle game for themselves.09-29-2005
TorreyH9.00Excellent story-driven module, not to be missed. Looking forward to more in the series.09-29-2005
Grayson3.00Very, very unimpressed. Obviously, a *lot* of work has gone into the module, but the results did not produce a module I enjoy at all. Unskippable, extremely long cutscenes bog down gameplay on a constant basis, and the writing is cliched and painful to read. Some excellent and innovative uses of scripting, but character progression (for Aramus at least) is very directed (WW with a greatsword, no other real options). Ditto for plot progression and the ability to choose methods of advancing the plot. I almost regret leaving such a poor score, but on an enjoyment level, this module simply fails entirely for me. The poor writing and constant dragging on of cutscenes bring it down even further, overshadowing the excellent aesthetics and obvious amount of effort.09-29-2005
<br>As promised here's my nickle on the mod though I've only played with the first of the two characters.
<br>As for the .25 drop, well it had to do with the "modern-speak" at one spot in the module that I've emailed you on.
<br>1. Storyline: GREAT! Although it took a bit for me to get used to the "ba-zillion" cutscenes, which, btw never took from the mod! I had no difficulty in following it. Well done.
<br>2. Area Layout: Also a great job, although it could have used a couple additional map pins, which I shant quibble over, each area was well laid out. Not TOO much or too big. Just right. Nor did it suffer from the dreaded "empty syndrom". The NPCs were also well thought out and placed well each having, if needed, just enough to say.
<br>3. Dialogue. I've pointed out as have others about a "certain" word so Nuff Said on that. Otherwise I found few problems here.
<br>4. ReadMes, Docs, etc. hey people they're there to be read and used! The only way you'll get through this is by... reading them! Especially the IN game ones! here, Challseus, they were well thought out and quite useful. However if you update please change that hidious Blue to something that can be seen! I had to pull the monitor to my nose to read the words! Otherwise... well done!
<br>5. Cutscenes: Okay I've emailed you about them but as indicated above, once I got used to them, not bad! Good job here!!
<br>Quick Pros: Good romp! Each of the areas were well laid out and not too sparse nor were they heavy in "stuff". The main plot was well done and since I played the forst of the two characters as suggested, I found him "neat!" a bit of a butterball, but on the whole not too bad a character. That woman, on the other hand! Reminds me of someone I went to high school with. I'll be polite and end here. The stores, or lack of, was also a good idea. Though I think that more potions would be nice, if you were careful, you wouldn't need them, but...
<br>Cons: None except those I emailed you on. The only thing I can really think of is that it would have been nice to know a bit more about the character in the readme. I didn't know he was a fighter until I started... but then...
<br>Interaction with the girl. A bit more would have been nice but then I have a gut feeling here.
<br>Overall I did like this first chapter and look forward to the next!
DMorrey9.75Just finished the Aramus part and I very much enjoyed the experience. I like the "console RPG" feel of this module, almost a Zelda-like game, where you come to care about the characters and feel more satisfaction with gaining a new ability or level and having a "shiny" moment as a reward. I am also very impressed with all the custom content, the music, the combat system, the pictures and cutscenes. I really liked the Last Resort combat addition... it made combat more unpredictable when suddenly even lowly goblins could turn the battle when two or three of them go "Frenzy" on me. Really an amazing amount of work went into this module, it's clear, and I'm stunned I got to experience the whole thing for free. Thank you.
<br>All that said, a couple of minor things that kept this from a 10. 1) There a still a few jarring langauge issues that interrupted the RPG feel, like when Challseus refers to characters as "you guys." A little too modern and casual for a old and respected magic-user, don't you think? 2) Sometimes I had trouble figuring out how "immediate" the quests were, like the first quests given by Clopon make it sound like they need to be done NOW, when you actually can spend days exploring the village without negative consequences. 3) I think the Whirlwind ability is a little overpowered. After I got it, battles were too easy as I could send half a dozen enemies sprawling across the room over and over again whenever things got difficult. Maybe set a limit on its use like Illumination so I'm at least more careful about when to use it?
<br>These are really very minor complaints when compared to the overall greatness of this module. Look forward to Chapter 2! I love the way politics are mixed into this story, and I can't wait to see some resolution.
Althernai10.00Overall, a great mod. The combat system manages to be both non-trivally different from the NWN standard and quite good. The cutscenes are very well done, probably better than any in NWN including even the Bioware ones (though it wouldn't hurt to have the option of skipping them for replays/reloads, even the best cutscenes can get old).
<br>There are some issues with the dialogue -- occasionally the grammar is simply wrong and sometimes the words used don't correspond to what is meant. More often, the dialogue strikes me as somehow out of place or inefficient; I'm not sure why.
<br>I don't mind the pre-determine characters as long as the story lives up to its promise. The only issue I have is with Challseus -- it is not clear how a great and renowned wizard like him is at levels 2-4 while his apprentices are at level 3. I realize it is necessary for game balance, but it doesn't make much sense.
c00lm10.00One of the best mods on The Vault that I've played, 10/10. Great job!! Keep it going!09-24-2005
Micio9.75Well Leonard,
<br>i had a wonderful time playing your module.
<br>I don't particularly mind the forced character, because it's a stoy driven module.
<br>Someone here said that it's like reading a novel, i have to completely agree.
<br>And yes, it has that console taste (i imagine it even if i never owned one) of an adventure game.
<br>It makes me remember of Silver, don't really know why...
<br>Heh, i'm worried because the story is being told by a convict who is speaking to a Lesarian... so i fear the Lesarian will not be defeated? Sigh...
<br>Can't wait to play the second part, please don't let us hanging for too long.
<br>My best wishes,
<br>P.S. oh, the 9.75 is purely academic, i enjoyed the story like few others, the only thing that annoyed me was the sometimes laggy framerate, especially in south shinkara forest.
CobraSlayer10.00Visuals - 10, Story - 10, Music, 10, Combat - 11(is there a eleven on this thing...?)
<br>Very well done cut scenes. At first, like some players, I wanted to skip to the "meat" of hack-n-slash, but it soon became evident that these scenes were part of the plot to immerse the player into the story -
<br>what is at stake here. Apparantly the Keeper of the Roses, who wants to see mankind end all violence. The rose of eternity is mankind in the sense that our time is limited by the petals on the Rose - our
<br>manifest violence is causing these petals to fall off. When the last petal falls...
<br>Story - as mentioned above, the cut scenes do a good job in letting ou know what is at stake - much better than "save the town from the evil orcs" and certainly better than cleaning rats from cellers. By playing
<br>two different characters, there is a degree of replayability here. Both characters "Aramus" & "Challseus" seem to meet each other as a npc. Both stories are engaging - and have all of the elements that I look
<br>for anyway.
<br>My only flaws were creatures entering the town and killing the soliders doing target practice - of course they die and drop inventory and then respawn - eventually bogged down the system - very easy to correct and some dialogs should recgonize when you have already talked to a given NPC instead of repeating the entire dialog string.
<br>- Last Resort System - "a bit frustrating when your foes do this, but a very exciting element in fighting - I had to use tactics that, when done, left me exhausted"
<br>- Custom Soundtrack - "got to have this - too many mods played to tolerate nwn standard music - soundtracks fit the story and lends a element..."
<br>- Dual Story System - "like two mods in one. I have not seen this before but meeting the NPC "Challseus" while playing "Aramus" and then playing "Challseus later..."
<br>A lot of other features.
<br>Part of my perfect score was due to the very original and innovative way this module was created. Visit the website for the next installment. Just imagine where the next one will go...
<br>My hope is that the "Cry of the Beloved" gets out before Bioware hires this guy.
johnm10.00I haven't finished playing this mod, but I felt compelled to log in and vote. This mod is awesome! I am totally engrossed in the story line. One of the best mods I have played in a long time.09-17-2005
Fergnatz10.00Outstanding module. Depth of story, unique game mechanics, and awsome music made it far more enjoyable than the standard mod, and I've played more than I want to admit. Professionally done! I think you guys could teach BW a little about mod building...I'm really looking forward to chapter 2!09-16-2005
wycked10.00This really was an unique experience. This module is so different from other modules, it playes out like a movie and I really got the feeling that I was part of the story. I had great fun :)09-15-2005
Enigmalice10.00Completely incredible module. Smooth cutscenes, fitting music, beautiful areas, and a great storyline to boot. This is definately worth downloading and installing. 09-15-2005
Weenog429.75Here's some feedback. It's deliberately nitpicky, since the mod is great as a whole and could use just some minor tweaking.
<br>Great beginnings of a story, can't wait until it really starts developing. Love the multiple storylines, hope you have more of that planned. Most of all, the custom content really adds a new dimension to the game, and they look beautiful. Makes the game a lot more fun, especially at low levels when you don't have the feats or spells to do anything interesting otherwise. On that note, I did feel it was a little hack-and-slash heavy, which is annoying when you have one Hit Die to your name. I liked having dialogue options to avoid combat with most human NPCs, but all the combat with woodland creatures got tedious.
<br>I'm going to have to echo earlier comments with some annoyance with the cutscenes. They look great and add a lot to the story; they just go too slowly since you can't click through the dialogue as you read it. Also for replay purposes - I wanted to play the Aramus story again with a different character build to work towards Weaponmaster (seems appropriate), but knowing that I'm going to have to sit through all the cutscenes again is discouraging me.
<br>Finally, I know that you spent a lot of time picking music, and I think you have a good ear for what sets the mood, but most of it was just too familiar. After downloading all those files I was really looking forward to hearing some new tunes from the NWN community, but instead I got stuff that was just ripped straight out of existing games. You've done such a great job adding depth to one game, why go stealing from another?
<br>One final time, I just want to reiterate that all my comments are out of love for the mod. It's a great piece of work, and I'm looking forward to Chapter 2 immensely.
Sir_Toejam9.50-some very inteesting new features;
<br>-nice story and decent level design;
<br>-good combats (quite difficult most times). they also scale nicely with the difficulty setting.
<br>-nice use of custom effects and architecture.
<br>-music is very nice.
<br>-item design needs a bit of work, as does the henchman design
<br>-there is some decent use of topography for combat purposes, but it isn't consistent.
<br>-pet peeve - the author uses "except" when they mean "accept"
<br>-the design of the "packaged" PC characters could use a bit of work too; i would recommend folks use these as a template and design their own (following the rules given in the readme)
<br>overall this should turn out to be a very fun and unique mod series. i would recommend this to anyone.
LDK Dante10.00I have played A LOT of modules, and this really stands ahead of the others. I think the reason nobody commented on the custom effects was because they fit in so well with the game and people got used to being amazed. Keep up the good work.09-09-2005
acerak66610.00Leonard asked me to go ahead and vote, so please read my previous comments for my take on this fantastic work of art. This guy has mad scripting and design skills, and out of the 40-50 modules I've played is the only one I've rated a solid 10.09-09-2005
AdamBarrett9.75This is an extremely well put together module. I do not usually like this "style" of CRPG but I must respect the quality of the build. The only reason I did not give it a full 10 was there were a few ocassions where I was able talk to PCs about information I had not recieved yet. The music was fantastic and I was suprised to see how much it affected the feel of the game... WELL DONE.09-09-2005
hypnotic meat10.00I think the rating pretty much sums up my feelings for the module.09-09-2005
Liolel9.50Very enjoyable module, can't wait for part two09-08-2005
Volker9.00This is a very enjoyable module to play.
<br>All your features!
<br>Followers and monsters have more hitpoints than possible with that CON and level, some followers have VERY exceptional attributes. The spell abilities of your followers
<br>Your Challseus is not prepared for the iceconstructs, he needs some fire spells.
Tiger_Monkah10.00Best I have ever played.09-07-2005
Sharwyn10.00 09-07-2005
Berra9.75Unique setting and module overall. It feels like your not playing NWN at all! Some battles were a little too hard at a few places; otherwise, very good Challseus!09-06-2005
ffflash10.00Amazing. After playing so many mods, I find myself surprised to see the sky. Without the fog, the view is great. The music is great, and gives a good feel to the game. Some sound familiar... I recognize a few from FF7, FF9, FFT, and Chrono Cross. This makes me think of Chrono Trigger's Combination Techs.09-06-2005
Magus6510.00Great mod Awsome cutscenses09-04-2005
Gravelooter10.00My favorite module- and perhaps the best module ever. Liked everything. The music, the battles, last resots...and i've played lots of FF:s, so the fact that you can't create your own character as you want doesn't matter. (I registered, sorry for re-posting)09-03-2005
LemonChan10.00It was brilliant, new combat systems, well developed characters, beautifuly fitting music. just brilliant. 09-03-2005
Arik8.25The biggest problem that comes from posting a module that is, the author readily confesses, greatly inspired by JRPG tropes, is that it isn't very likely to compare to them in terms of scale. I realise that a sequel is forthcoming, and may revise this review when I see it, but what this module covers is really only the opening section of your average JRPG, introducing some of the heroes and abilities, giving you one town to play with and some simple combat. That so much time is spent watching cutscenes really doesn't do the game any favours -not that they aren't very, very good cutscenes, but you really need to have a substantial amount of game to justify that sort of pomp. Rose of eternity doesn't have that quite yet.
<br>It does have some interesting ideas, though. The custom special abilities are very nicely handled - the whirlwind heal is great fun, and if this and other special abilities are built on throughout the complete series then it could be a hell of a lot of fun. I was less happy with the last resort system - it's a nice idea, but its ultimate function tends to be to irritatingly snatch victory from the hands of the player at the last second, and there doesn't appear to be much you can do about it. The area with all the cheating beetles, possessed of a special ability that renders them both invulnerable and fully healed just as you're taking them down, is a case in point - off the top of my head I can't think of any CRPG where the PLAYER gets something that uber!
<br>Other weird decisions abound. The player is introduced to the teleport system just as the module ends and you don't need to use it. You aren't allowed to finish the village subquests after you trigger a certain event in the woods, and as these woods are linked to one of the subquests chances are that you'll still have missions left over. The "custom" music, largely taken from other CRPGs, is largely well suited to the module, but the use of Final Fantasy VII's battle theme is just plain bizarre. If there's a theme that everyone who has played JRPGs is entirely bored of, it's that one. The inclusion of a Challseus quest, intended to be played after the main adventure, plays less like an inset narrative and more like an unnecessary aside, although the sequel could very much prove me wrong on this account.
<br>If this review seems somewhat negative, don't get me wrong. This module is very good, and I'm quite sure that the author knows it - nobody invests this much pomp into cutscenes, intro and exit movies and hyperbole if they don't have a great deal of self assurance. We potentially have the beginning of a great series here, but Rose of Eternity isn't a great module as of itself.
Anuis10.00Voted. :)
<br>By the way, just a minor suggestion about checking for the Gem of Power. I am not sure how you would do it, but you can try to do it by checking to see if there is more than 1 gem... something like this..
<br> DoThis();
<br>Then while there is more than one gem, you can remove it until there is one left.
<br>Since it may be possible that you can get more than 2 gem of power since I did not try to see if I can get another one after clicking on the NPC twice.
<br>Just a suggestion... and I hope that it is helpful.
shalomdr10.00The music is really exceptional, especially the singing of the rose guardian (from a certain celtic woman). In the download you strongly encouraged people to download the music file and I AGREE!08-28-2005
neil13149.50Half a point dropped because of some of the dialogue not matching the high standard of the rest of the module. Apart from that an excellent and well constructed module with a good srory line and well developed characters. Also the scenery was really well done giving a nice variation to locations. 08-27-2005
Dransparency10.00Just thought I'd give my own experience with the bones thing. I was using the latest version of the game and module but still had the original release of the CEP, and the bones thing was still messing up. I went and downloaded the patch for the CEP, but that still didn't fix the problem. Finally, I went and completely reinstalled the latest version of the CEP and it worked for me.
<br>With regards to the predetermined characters thing, I agree that people like to make their own characters, but I think that sometimes predefined characters allow the module creator to use a story that better fits that character and provides a more complete experience overall. For instance, the Twilight-Midnight-Dawn series of modules only works for one specific character type, yet is one of the best series here on NWVault.
<br>Also, you are right to say that the music adds a lot to this module; it's very refreshing to hear something new after listening to the same generic fantasy tracks for several years now. The only downside is that some of the videogame music is making me want to go play those games over again instead of finishing this one.
<br>Overall, I can tell you did a great job on this module, and I eagerly look forward to the next one in the series.
Goodkill9.75'Tis a very pretty module with very nice music. You have to look at it a little differently than you would your usual nwn module, though, as I see it. Think of it more as a console rpg using nwn as an engine. Thus, in looking at it that way, I can forgive certain things that would usually upset me--mostly immersiveness sapping aspects. (Why I gave it a high vote.) I don't feel like writing a lot, however, and saying what those specific things are. If you've played it, you know. There were some bugs, but the author has worked hard in getting rid of them. Spectacular scripting. With the limited equipment and special abilities--both of you and your enemies--another dimension is added to combat. Eh, and other stuff too. A very nice module, just don't go in expecting the wrong thing.08-23-2005
yamaga10.00Challseus, thanks for the advice. The CEP update fixed the problem I had in the Boundary. Nicely done, and I look forward to the next module.08-21-2005
<br>I just finished the Aramus portion.
<br>This was a fun mod, even though I had to use someone else's PC and the tightly scripted story limited roleplaying a bit. I think the quality was AWESOME, no questions there. The cutscenes were excellent, but, honestly, too many and too long. the music was original and gave the mod a unique feel, but, for me, much of it was out of place (one tune was very synthesizer sounding and did not sound like it belonged in a D&D mod). Also there was a few out-of-place dialogue bits, like 'hell on earth'...does this take place on Earth? Lastly, it felt unnaturaly that everytime I went back to Aribine, it was always 19 hours, so I could not complete some quests I had taken. It did not make sense to me.
<br>Great work, get the second chapter out quick, while I play Challseus.
Andrew_Maniac10.00Great module. Loved the music, the characters were interesting, the storyline was intriguing, the new combat systems were very good and fun to use, combat itself was challenging and required some tactics. Looking forward to chapter 2. Keep up the great work and good luck.08-15-2005
DeathnightF110.00i know i know, some people would say you cant give a 10 because its not perfect, well i am giving a ten because this is the best module i have ever played for NWN, not that i have played over a dozen though. my only wish was that it had been longer, i eagerly await any and all sequels.08-09-2005
Cleitanious10.00Best NWN Module - Ever.
<br>Not only did you manage to capture that awesome Final Fantasy feeling, but you managed to recreate the feelings of accomplishment and immersion. I dont care what anyone says about not liking your prefabricated chars they are the best way to go seriousy.
<br>I just had to stop in the middle of playing to congratulate you on being a one man squaresoft and I really hope you continue to make games and modules just like this for thes rest of your entire life, please!
Unknown_Enemy10.00Just brillant.
<br>Where's the next batch ?
merc_kilsek10.00I have downloaded the mod and enjoying the adventure. (this is getting my full vote of 10) But I have found something that is bugging me to death.

I have gotten to Challseus house and still I can't level Clopon to level four. I love a hard fight and have taken the time killing all the monsters I can. I got to level four but when I try to level her, she disappears and drops all her gear on the ground.

My Aramus (2 fighter/1 barbarian/1 rogue) Str 16, Dex 12, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 8, Cha 8. Feats: Knockdown, Dirty Fighting, Toughness, Weapon Focus (Great Sword), and Power Attack.

Of other players: Use the Taunt skill, it works wonders in a hard fight.
Armin9.25A very nice change of pace, though the old style japanese console RPGs never were my piece of cake. But that's a personal preference and no base for a fair vote 8)
<br>Storytelling in the module is top notch, though. Areas beautifully designed, the music selection is absolutely *fabulous* (most soundtracks used rest in my CD rack anyway ;) and what has been done with the scripting of cutscenes, special abilities and party combos deserves high praise.
<br>Downsides however are also present.
<br>I absolutely LOATHE respawning critters, no matter what setting (and they were really overdone here. Worgs. AAARGH.). Many quests were VERY unimaginative (kill 10 critters a, kill 20 critters b, collect 3 dozen c) and the cutscenes sometimes REALLY are a bit too much (when a simply conversation was all that was happening).
<br>All in all a very fun mod, technically brilliant and original.
FadedAce10.00Forgot to log-in to be able to add the rating, so here it is.08-01-2005
Manne7.50Decent story, decent language. Irritating cutscenes. Irritating that most conversations "looped" with the "Hi there, you ..." occuring over and over again. Good music! 08-01-2005
Emeraq Truthseek10.009.9. Innovative features. Great story and gameplay. Only gripe I have is quest NPC's should be invulnerable.07-31-2005
alvincarlos10.00Definitely the best module I have ever played. I think it was as fully engrossing a module as the NWN engine will allow. Perhaps this style of play isn't for everyone, but the module stands out a beautifully crafted, finely detailed beginning to an epic piece of interactive fiction. Please continue with this wonderful work!07-31-2005
Alazander9.25Extremely interesting and impressive module. I found it very difficult to decide on a fair score because despite its flaws, the innovation and flair shown deserve a very high mark.
<br>This a completely different type of module, an old-school Japanese RPG using the NWN game engine. Amazingly, it works quite well. The custscenes are masterfully directed and the music selection flawless.
<br>I found the Last Resort abilities to work wonderfully well, although I could never quite master the Unison abilities. Perhaps I'm just too clumsy!
<br>The story promises to be rather good although much of the plot in this module was quite standard. Challseus (the author) has a great innate sense of cinematic flair and manages to make the story interesting and engrossing despite it borrowing strongly from a hundred other RPGs. If there was one thing I'd drop for the next module it's the lengthy cutscenes where nothing happens except conversation. I'm thinking of the inn scene here. A simple dialogue box would be less intrusive and work just as well.
<br>On the negative side, many of the quests are very basic and/or lacking in inspiration. Having to kill 10 beetles, then 20 wolves etc etc kind of smacks of a lack of creativity in coming up with original quests. Fortunately the module grows far more interesting after the first hour or two.
<br>The dialogue is kind of a mixed bag. Mainly it's rather good, but occasionally it's a little too modern and flat. There's also quite a few grammar issues, but since it's still only the first version of the module I'm not deducting points for that. I'm glad to hear you've got someone reading through and picking out the errors, though, it should make the module more polished.
<br>A major criticism: DON'T USE GAME TERMINOLOGY IN THE MODULE! Having notes (during the Challseus quest) say "You must kill so-many enemies and then some more will spawn" really broke the believability of the module for me. You need to present this information differently in order for it to "fit in" with the world.
<br>Overall I was very impressed. It does mark a milestone in module-making, although I have to be honest and admit the style of module wasn't really for me. I will download and play the next in the series however.
<br>Thanks Challseus!
ancient dm10.00This is the third try at getting a rating posted, hope it sdoesnt come up as 3 seperate posts07-30-2005
tan_credd9.75Among the things that keep NWN going is the innovation and beauty brought to it by talented scripters and skilled module builders. The Rose of Eternity is a module that combines some superb scripting, both in cutscenes and in gameplay, that makes this module quite refreshingly different in feel, and the full use of the CEP's beautifying touches. Add to this some intriguing character interaction between the various characters in the story and a plot that's clearly taking the long, scenic route to a worthwhile climax, and you have a module that feels considerably more professional than the original crop of Premium Modules. Definitely worth a look, and the sequel will hopefully build on this solid foundation of a beginning.07-29-2005
Justice Trueheart9.75Wow! Great module. I loved the custom cut scenes. The custom feats were also very fun to play. I used a slightly modified Aramus (mainly changed up ability scores a bit. Excellent work. I can't wait for the next chapter.07-28-2005
Thirdpres8.75Nice module. Not my normal thing but it was interesting and fun none the less. Thanks for building it and putting it up for us to play with. Good luck in developing your series further. 07-26-2005
yggdrasilal10.00DIS OWNS07-25-2005
TheLaughingOne10.00I'm giving this innovative, entertaining story a 10. The minor issues with this mod are extremely trivial (to me) when compared to the obvious hard work put into it. I really like the customization of the Full version's music and sound - you were right in that it changes the entire "feel."
<br>This is one of the very few Mods that I have downloaded and played entirely through in 1 session ; I can't say that about a couple of Premium modules that I purchased ;)
<br>Please keep up the great work1 I look forward to 'Cry the Beloved.'
Nik Reaper10.00Some thing is wrong with this page but I wanted to post a comment 2 times before but it just doesn't show up there, wierd...07-23-2005
TAMAKAS Red Dog9.75It's got a few kinks in the system, that's the only reason I'm not scoring it a 10. But I've got faith that Challseus will have everything worked out by the time Chapter 2 rolls around. It's an ambitious project, and I can't wait to see it continue.07-23-2005
neekoso6.25I don't understand why everyone is sweating this module. I will give props were they are due, the scripting is simply amazing, but other than that there is nothing here. The story is so goofy it makes the OC seem like LOTR. I think the author read one to many forgettable fantasy novels as a teenager.
<br>As far as the building goes it's better than most stuff on the vault, but when someone grabs NPC's out of the standard palette, I know they didn't work very hard. And for shame, letting the innkeeper wear standard pallet commoners clothes! I mean how long does it take to make some clothes, yo? Why the author didn't add a decent clothes hack is beyond me, considering he's using every other tileset hack produced in the last year, I don't think one more clothes and armor hack would hurt (Baulders Hauberks and Commonerclothes, comes to mind). And for future reference, lime green is not a good color on anyone, let alone rangers and for god's sake, never garb your hero in lime green!
<br>What's funny is the three qualities this mod has in spades (great scripting, juvenile story and lazy area design) will get this man hired by Bioware or some other company. Good luck with your future mods and employment and remember, lay off the standard palette and the lime green, yo.
Berliad9.00The Rose of Eternity is a very interesting module by first-time builder, Challseus. In some ways, it is the one of the most innovative modules to come out for nwn, ranking right up there with Twilight, the Lord of Blight, and Demon to name a few. With several innovative combat devices, two distinct storylines that are played with different characters, as well as absolutely spectacular cutscenes, this module is full of bling and is a delight to play. But it?s not perfect, and is sometimes bogged down by some uninteresting side quests and some occasionally poor dialog.
<br>The story itself is really good. The Keeper of the Roses is a mythical being who oversees the Rose of Eternity, which has been losing petals for 4000 years. The Keeper is committed to maintaining her rose garden until the last petal falls from the Rose of Eternity, at which point she will destroy the world?UNLESS mankind stops all the terrible violence and oppression to which she has tried to put an end for her entire existence. Sweet concept.
<br>You play two characters. The first is Aramus, an amnesiac, who has ?befriended? Clopon, a strange young cleric whose master has just been killed by a rather terrifying villain named Kain. These two characters know nothing of the Rose of Eternity?they are just trying to get to an old ally of Clopon?s former master to get some help. All the while, they are pursued by the Defenders of Legacy, a powerful yet corrupt group of fighters. The second character is Challseus. His story precedes the first one chronologically, but is meant to be played second. It is the story of his service to his order of magic users, but also his belief and secret workings supporting the cause of the Keeper of the Rose. Both storylines are interesting, although given the more grand and mysterious nature (at this point) of Challseus?s plot, I thought his was a bit tighter. The quality of the story bodes very well for the future of this campaign.
<br>The author readily acknowledges the strong influence of console games on his module design, and it definitely shows. The system is still AD&D, but the style of the world feels very much in line with a medieval Final Fantasy. It has a lot of the elements of the final fantasy series ? a hero who wields a huge sword, a female healer, a wise older magic user, legends and prophecies, a powerful but corrupt government, and a more sinister, intelligent, and downright frightening villain who seems to be operating above and beyond the government. I really like the world he?s created. Furthermore, Challseus also makes use of a lot of custom music, much of which comes from console games. Hearing some of the cuts from Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy Tactics really pulled me into the game, and they meshed very well with the events on the screen, be they cutscenes, battle sequences, or simply wandering around town.
<br>Combat was innovative and fun. Last Resort abilities are awesome ? every bit as interesting as the limit breaks of final fantasy vi, but perhaps a bit more strategic. Since you can only use them when your health is low, you have to often make a judgment call between using your last resort and using a healing potion. All your enemies have them as well, and it certainly ramps up the stakes during fights. Often you?ll have to make sure that you focus on one enemy at a time for fear that you?ll unleash too many last resort abilities at once. Aramus also receives an ?illuminate? ability early on, which comes in extremely handy. Not only will it stun enemies for a round or two, it also causes several types of enemies to flee from your character, allowing them to enter areas that would otherwise be very deadly. Challseus possesses a very useful wand of power, which not only deals big-time damage to foes (10hp/level), but also pushes them far off the screen away from your character! Finally, the unison abilities are also pretty sweet, although you don?t get them until later in the mod. Still, I successfully used whirlwind heal (an ability where Aramus couples his whirlwind attack with a heal from Clopan, which spreads the healing effect to the entire party) 2-3 times, and it made a huge difference in at least one fight.
<br>And I have to comment again on the cutscenes. Some have complained that they are long, and they are, but found them absolutely captivating (though I do encourage the author to allow ESCing from them, since I?m not sure I?d want to sit through them all if I played the mod again). The opening cutscene, in particular, is just spectacular. The shot where the camera pulls away with the Keeper of the Rose framed precisely in the notch above the garden gate made my jaw drop. And the music in that scene was amazing. Others weren?t quite on that level, but were always well directed, effective, and interesting. Emotes are effectively used in time with the dialog during scenes, and again reminded me a lot of cutscenes from console games. The cutscenes in this module are at least as good, if not better than those in the Lord of Blight and After the End: The Penumbra, and Hordes of the Underdark. Really well done.
<br>Unfortunately, I can?t really give this module a perfect score. There are two main reasons for this. First, Aramus?s story takes a long time to get going. You are supposed to do a lot of side quests and the like for townspeople. Many of these are not very inspiring. There?s the ?go kill 10 things to get a discount at the store? quest. And the ?go kill 20 other things to get access to the real store? quest. And the ?go fetch berries for my cooking? quest. And the ?go fetch my supper? quest. I did enjoy the ?convince my husband to stop praying? quest, and I apparently missed a somewhat interesting quest involving a boy (who I did see) who is fascinated by the local guard target practice. In fact, it?s very easy to miss several of these quests, which actually can result in a penalty later in the game! Consulting the walkthrough, I apparently didn?t talk to the right people to get the boy quest, the meat delivery quest, the berry quest, the chicken quest, and the lazy farmer quest. This resulted in me getting penalized for not only helping insufficient numbers of people in Aribine, but also for not having enough experience because I didn?t do those quests. I?m not sure how I missed all of those quests, as I thought I talked to everyone I saw?part of it may be that there were day/night NPC schedules, and my main pass around the (rather large) town happened at night when many NPCs were inside. I think all of these quests were designed to make the game seem less linear, but I would frankly recommend dropping most of them. .. Or, at least, not doing something similar to this in the next chapter. The strength of this module is its story, and these quests seemed only to put off getting to the story a bit longer. In comparison, I thought Challseus?s story was very well done and immediately engrossing (even if massive amounts of resting were needed to keep the spells fresh). If side quests are added, they should at least be interesting in their own right?it?s even better if they can add some information about the history and legends of the land.
<br>Furthermore, there are some issues involving overall polish. This was an ambitious module with many very innovative systems, and thus it is not surprising that there were occasional bugs with the new systems. I?m sure many of these can be addressed, and I am reporting them to the author. There were also some problems with the dialogs, particular among NPC?s in Aribine. For example, you would start a conversation and go down a particular dialog tree. You?d then finish that thread and say you wanted to ask something else. Instead of the NPC saying ?sure, what?? they instead launch into their entire introductory schpeal. It was very jarring to read and immediately removed me from any immersion I was experiencing in the game.. This is very fixable in the conversation editor, it just takes a little extra effort ? but it would be well worth it. Finally, the writing in general could sometimes use some work. Overall, the style of writing is quite simple, which is fine ? the flower scene, for example, was charming in its simplicity, and reminded me again of scenes from console games I?ve loved. But I think it would be worthwhile to do a complete pass on all the dialog once again to edit, revise, and spice it all up a bit. There are few typos, but sometimes grammar issues occur.. and sometimes the writing is a bit boring. I tried to write down specific instances, and I will relay those to the author.
<br>Despite these flaws though, the Rose of Eternity is a good, extremely innovative module with a great story and setting that I would encourage everyone to try. Just make sure you get past the opening town. Thanks for all your hard work Challseus! I very much look forward to playing the second chapter! ?B 21 July, ?05
<br>I just finished playing the first installment of Rose of Eternity and I'm so totally blown away.
<br>I've been a pen and paper gamer for a number of years and I was so happy to see the realism in your mod. For example - taking more than 15 minutes game time to go from one end of the map to the other :D
<br>Being female, the story really hit home for me. Maybe it's just the "state of the world" at present, but the entire story concept expressed so much of how I feel about current world events. You and Brian are seriously great story tellers - take out stock in Kleenex (tm) now, folks... hehe. It's a very emotional story and the message so applies to the events of today.
<br>I just can't say enough good things about this module. I am looking forward to the next installment and I'm trying so hard to be patient. :D
Fallon10.00Deffintly a hall of famer here. I thought this was a fantastic mod, one more that i will be watching and waiting for progress on part 2.
Yout310.00Excellent module. The triggers work well, and the music is excellent. I like the unique battle system, and I hope to see the sequel soon (hopefully posted as an .rar, not a .exe, becuase I can't open those...)!07-20-2005
lebowski9.50This mod is really unbelievable in many things like scripting, visuals and music, quite above even the best other mod of the vault.
<br>However it is not perfect, the story is intriguing but that's too early to get too much enthousiasm about that. The character are interesting but at times their dialogue feel a bit forced.
<br>The bad points however are the very fetchy basic quest and the continous respawn of enemies. Combat is for sure one of the main point of the mod especially considering how spectacular it is, but after a while it gets boring, especially at the beginning of the aramus part where your choices in terms of equipment and power are practically non-existent. I'm sure that will get better in the following mod still some less respawn and some quest less h'n's are just what this mod needs to really improve.
<br>Keep up!
Slaughter10110.00EXCELLENT MOD is all i gotta say... The story was great, the cutscenes now and then got me really into it. The music...Man, it reminded me of all the good times in FF7, Chrono Trigger and Lunar 2 all over again. Congrats on a great mod and I can't wait till part 2 :D07-16-2005
gpeddino10.00Great module, awesome visuals and soundtrack, lovely plot and characters. Top work.07-15-2005
vmissouril9.00Very nice module, just a little heavy on the cutscenes07-14-2005
Balseraph7.50I really wanted to like this module, indeed, I liked a lot of it. I thought, however that you could have done much the same module, with a more traditional conversation screen option, rather than the cutscenes (or whatever you call sitting there and watching your character speak.) It was terrifically irritating - sometimes too fast, sometimes too slow, often off the edge of the screen so I couldn't read it at all. grr. And it seems to have reset the camera mode each time. grr again.
<br>Add to that that it takes a whole lot more system resources, and slows things down to a crawl sometimes, and its a guaranteed recipe to tick me off.
<br>I loved the music, and really liked the story, but really didn't like the way you chose to show it. Trying to over complicate things just made this module more like work than enjoyment for me. For example, I left Challseus and Clopon (I know I'm spelling that wrong) on the way to Matthews house, so I could go on ahead in case it was dangerous. (I got into the habit of doing this early, it seemed to break less things.), in any case, I talk to him, and select spar. We spar, and he gets to the point where he tells me to illuminate. I do so, his bear becomes hostile and attacks me. The little aqua thingie that the cleric previously summoned goes for Matthew at that point, and Matthew goes hostile again. I end up with a dead bear, a dead Matthew, and an almost dead me.
<br>(I survived by using up almost all the resources I had.) Obviously, I go back to my last save, which isn't so long ago, but I just don't have the heart for it tonight, possibly tomorrow. Things like this have happened about 5 times now, so I've gotten into the habit of saving _really_ early and often...
<br>Some things I found awkward:
<br>It was really annoying to have to remember what guard lost his brother in the south forest - I little help by giving him a name might have been nicer.
<br>I missed out on most of the quests in the first town by killing wolves in the south forest, I guess, and had to throw out dozens of wolfskins and beetle skins I'd been carrying around, since no one wants them anymore and I need inventory space. (Thank goodness they're light and I'm strong.)
<br>You might want to mention that the spell casting items on the ring are one use (If you did, I missed it sorry.) Its an awful lot of trouble to go to to get one cure critical wound spell. I'd really rather have a +2/+2 greatsword.
<br>Well, other than a lot of crashes, etc, thats about it so far.
<br>I really want to stress, however, that I really LIKED the story, and LOVED your choices of music (- who sings the opening when you're telling the story of the keeper of the rose? - Its hauntingly familiar, but I cannot place it.), but I'm not sure I can take anymore of it.
<br>There's certainly a lot more to this module than I mention here, and I encourage you to try it out, and see how it works for you.
<br>One last thing - the encounters were, for the most part very well balanced, never really difficult and never overly easy.
Kytok10.00Most deffinetly the best module I have ever played, brilliant work on the cutscenes and dialog to give it that RPG feeling.07-14-2005
Skeeneyman10.00Perfect 10! It almost makes me want to go back and change previous votes because the bar has just been raised!07-14-2005
ShrikeKnight10.00Superb... I liked the tactical feel, the custom music, the dual techniques, the cutscenes and character development. Awaiting the sequel with bated breath. :)07-13-2005
Dreor9.50Fantastic mod, highly original, and entertaining. One thing I ran into and I'm not sure if its a big or not, Clopon would level up when I did, however when I hit level 4 she did not, and there was no option via dialog either, either that or I figured you had her capped at level 3. Other than that it was fun from beginning to end, and I cant wait for chapter 2. Keep up the exceptional work and thank you for all your efforts.07-13-2005
bnielson10.00Excellent mod. Very classy. It's obvious a ton of work went into it. If you like a highly story driven adventure with lots of unique scripting and haks, this is for you.07-12-2005
rawbee9.00I had mixed feelings about this mod:
<br>The Good
<br>-scripting is amazing
<br>-cut-scenes while slightly over-done add to impressive visuals
<br>-back-ground of story and characters is interesting
<br>-last resorts, unison abilities, and custom equipment was very creative and made the module feel a little different then any other adventure
<br>-two adventures in one module was a great idea
<br>-well balanced
<br>The Not So Good:
<br>-while the story back-ground is good, the flow is poor with boring go fetch side quests
<br>-monotonous hack n slash killing local wild-life (beetles, wolves and worgs). This was dull and very repetitive
<br>It seems that all other aspects of the game have been thought out extensively, and while creative don't make up for dull game-play.
<br>Although my comments may seem a little negative, I still think this is a valuble contribution to the vault as there are some outstanding qualities to it. Hopefully chapter 2 will incorporate a strong story along with all the creativity the author has shown with this addition.
Blade2410.00Arggg, to end the Aramus story like that is SOOOOOO cruel:) But, as a storyteller, I know you did it like that so that I HAVE to try Chapter 2. I highly commend you for thinking out of the box when you designed this.
<br>I truly hope you get a job in the industry as a game designer because it needs more people like you, and I know I would gladly fork over money for something you created.
<br>All in all, the best NWN module, if not the best RPG I have ever played, period. There was just something about this that drew me in from the start, and never let me go until then end. I really like how the 2 stories crossed paths as well.
<br>I wish you luck, and don't worry, you will start to get more downloads once people get out of their close minded DnD shell and accept this as it is. A truly innovative RPG.
Winterfox9.00The one reason that kept me from giving this module a perfect ten is that the cutscenes, while pretty enough, are unskippable and in some case, just a conversation trigger would've served fine. =/07-11-2005
xbjx9.50Every time i try to load the Challseus quest it crashes to desktop after the cutscene. Is there any thing i can try to fix it?07-11-2005
NineFires9.50love that musc. good story and enuff action to keep an axe wielding savage such as myself busy :)07-10-2005
Rdz10.00An excellent module Chall! Glad you finished it! I award it 10 purely because of the cut scenes and originality. Combat works very well too.
<br>Nice one.
renkenjutsu10.00i'd give it full thumbs coz it's just so fresh than the other fantasy modules here to date. the fights are quite tough for me, but hey, it's cool. keep it up and make improvements on the next mod. (especially on the timing of the floating text bit) ;)07-10-2005
*Mat*9.25That was a very well-crafted module. The scripting was top-notch and the storyline had some memorable characters.
<br>Good choice of music, too. The Final Fantasy Tactics tracks used are some of the best I've ever heard.
Deadlyhands10.00Finally finished both Aramus' and Challseus' quest.
<br>Best module...Ever...Period...This raises the bar for all upcoming modules.
<br>Great work.
<br>Eagerly awaiting Chapter 2.
AdamNeko9.50Challseus, just started playing your Module, but gods, this promises to be a true epic like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. It's beautiful so far, and I'm loving it. I can't wait for the second chapter either, despite just having started.
vivaelweb9.75This has been a loooooong ways from what I remembered from the beta releases. The fact that pretty much nothing was held back shows the devotion that gone into this.
<br>First, let's get the bad part out of the way: Cut-scenes. They are long. And that's about it. That's certainly not enough to knock off .25 points, but I can't give a 9.9
<br>Well, okay, some dialogue problems, but I'm going to assume that the sequel will fix that (you ARE making a sequel, right?).
<br>Now for the good parts:
<br>I'm glad to see that character balance is greatly improved. No more treating allies as excess baggage for me, no siree. Now they are genuine meat shields to sacrafice.
<br>Also, the special abilities are working mucho better-o. That pleases my taste for extras in a module, and more points now that it is useful. Eye-candy-ism is also awesome.
<br>I already said how good the music is.
<br>Battles are still deliciously difficult, but... well... "something" was tweaked, and it is now more "challenging" than "frustrating." There is also a very nice blend of consoles and NWN-engine in it so that it is different from the others. Doubly good.
<br>The focused characters is hit or miss, but the loss of original characters for a more focused story and dialogue is worth the exchange.
<br>I've always been a big proponent to the Toolset's capabilities, but this is one of those few instances where I felt the module surpassed the limits. VERY slight blemishes here or there that could just as easily be ignored, but still, awesome-o. You should feel great pride for this.
<br>Now get back to work on the sequel.
morphousblob10.00A damn fine module! Definately the NWN hall of fame entry for 2005. It's been a while since I've encountered such an original module (and I've played a lot in the vault). Your cutscenes are superb, you've expanded on the game engine, and the overall adventure is finely balanced. Most importantly, the adventure was intensly gripping and immersive for me, something that I can't always say for other modules. A 10 from me. The extra music was a great touch too, and greatly enhanced the experience. ('t was amusing too to recognize some of my favorite tunes.)
<br>At the risk of seeming to be jockying your elbow, whats the status of part 2? Perhaps you could post the % completed on your website?
da_heiza9.50You surely put LOTS of work into this module.
<br>The story and the characters design are absolutely great.
<br>I even think that you did not just created a new module, but a whole different game.
<br>But this is also the point where my criticism begins (thus not a 10.0): If I want to play console style RPG, I use a game console. I like to play NWN, because it is NOT console style. With everything you do to the game in your module, you create the feeling of playing final fantasy or the like.
<br>Sure, your cutscenes are brilliant, but the use is just too extensive. You also have no choice to abort the cutscenes. Dialogues in the cutscenes are generally not displayed long enough, especially if english is not your first language.
<br>The simple "accept quest" and "finish quest" in the dialogues could have been expressed in some small answers the characters give, not just with the marker display. With so much time put into all the details, there should have been the possibility to spice up these dialogue options (but again, that's console style).
<br>The special abilities are superb in technical terms ... but they change the whole gameplay in a way that is hard getting used to - especially if you don't favour the console style RPG.
<br>Just a small bug at the end: there's a typo in the floating text when Aramus first comes to the runestone circle in the southern forest. It should be "OUT of the ground", not "our of the ground"
Rand Al Thor10.00Okay I finally finished the Aramus quest after I got home from the LONGEST day of work ever (most likely due to looking at your website all day).
<br>There is so much I want to say and I dont know where to begin. First off, as I stated before the music is the BEST I have ever heard in a module. Other moders should take note.
<br>Next up is the cut-scenes. Absolutely fantastic. They really draw the player into what is going on. Especially the one in Fort Illnitis where Adelas and the others plotted what was going to happen in Dematol(sp?). The one where Aramus and Clopon talked when entering the north forest also stuck out.
<br>Which brings me to my next point. I noticed on your website that there are no henchmen, but party members. I had no idea what you really meant until Clopon started recibing some of her custom abiltiies, such as her custom summoned pet, as well as "Protection Of The Roses". These party members TRULY were as much a part of the story AND gameplay as Aramus was.
<br>I also had the BEST fight of any NWN module game ever (since Baulders Gate II) when fighting the Defenders of legacy troops at the entrance to Dematol. At one point, I died, but was revived by one of the revival potions, and then got low on HP's again. I then saw a prompt that said Last Resort Ready, used Galladoran Illumination which stunned them long enough for Clopon to heal me. To top it out, I was even able to perfrom 3 Whirlwind Heals within that same fight. Simply awesome dude:)
<br>In general, it just seems like EVERY part of this module, from the level design to the music to the sounds to the gameplay to EVEN the clothes was thought out perfectly. I guess that is what over a year of development can get you:) Hell, even the trailer and ending movies where done perfectly.
<br>I read on your site that you are making these games in order to put on a resume to break into the game industry. Well, my friend, you are well on your way.
<br>Good luck, and hurry up with Chapter 2: Cry The Beloved:)
<br>P.S. Will post back on how I liked the Challseus quest (damn, another whole adventure. you must love us!)
Ayrik10.00@DaNippers: I've actually found that customizing characters is even more versitile than Challseus posted. Aramus can be any class you want so long as you take martial weapon proficiency at character creation (although I imagine that having a wizard with a greatsword wouldn't make the game any easier!) and Challseus could be a Bard or a Rogue as long as you put a decent amount of points into UMD.
<br>Overall, I must simply say that this is THE BEST SP MOD EVER! It provides something that I believe D&D will always lack when playing solo. Major props to Challseus for making this available to the community. I truly must thank you for the time and effort that went into it (even if there are some blatant console rips! ; ) *cough* Chrono Trigger *cough*).
<br>Anyone who misses the opportunity to play this mod, I truly feel sorry for you.
gaoneng10.00Excellent stuff.07-07-2005
Dal9.75A wonderful mod. The last resorts and unison abilities are an interesting addition. It really shows that you paid a lot of attention to the choice of music tracks; I sometimes found myself just daydreaming and listening to the music. The cutscenes are also well made and very informative.
<br>I found a few typoes here and there (Imbocile instead of Imbecile in a conversation; FORST instead of FOREST after the movie shown when you first enter the northern part of the forest). Another minor squabble: sometimes, during cutscenes, the text does not remain long enough on the screen and it might be hard to both watch the cutscene and read it (or perhaps I was distracted by the graphics and music).
<br>I gave this module 9.75, because of both the introduction of new ideas and the excellence with which the module was realized. I can but pray that we'll soon seen the next modules. Too many authors start a series then give up on it. Keep it up. You can be sure that there will be many players waiting eagerly for your other productions!