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So, it's been a good run this past month. I'm up to 63 fixed bugs/tasks/improvements. Some of the highlights were:

  • Learning how to properly override missing core resources
  • Adding proper soundsets to party members (minus one) and regular enemies/allies
  • Fixing Death Ssytem
  • Fixing part of a level that was causing players to be transported to the other side of the area, in an unplayable part
  • Lots of combat balancing
  • Adding proper descriptions for every item/ability

At this point, there are only 21 open tickets (though that number could increase), and not all of them may even be valid. Once I'm done working through them, I could potentially start my testing again, and package together ALPHA 4.2. However, there are some key things I would love to get in:

  • Final VO from Alexander for a party member, and another "character"
  • VO from John's brother for a cast member. Actually, someone had did the voice already, but couldn't finish a new scene I had created, so unfortunately, I had to bring someone new in. I doubt it will make a difference, since he already did like 3-4 voices to begin with :)
  • VO for a female character. Like the last bullet point, this one was already started, but couldn't be finished, so I'm still looking for someone else
  • Finally, I need a voice for The Keeper of the Rose! Look at her in the screenshot of the day .She's practically begging for someone to voice her!

If that stuff doesn't get in, then so be it. The important thing is that the core game is working. Stuff like VO is so easy to integrate into the game that I don't even need a full re-test of things. If I still have critical game breaking bugs, then I would be worried.

So yeah, that's the plan for this next month. Knock out the rest of the tickets, and with or without the above, put out ALPHA 4.2 for the kind folks that have been helping me out.

Till tomorrow...


This was, without a doubt, one of my favorite tracks from the original version of the soundtrack. Ah, poor, poor, Rachel :( Enjoy!


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